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How to Connect iPhone to TV

October 27, 2016

For times that a big screen is needed to watch movies or have any other media experience, a simple way to connect iOS devices such

How to Hack Facebook (+Facebook Spy Apps)

October 16, 2016

When searching for terms like ‘Facebook hack’ or ‘Facebook spy tools’, numerous search results are shown. Many of these websites claim to offer simple methods

How to Monitor Children’s iPhones (+Parental Control Apps)

October 7, 2016

The need for parental control apps and monitoring children iPhone devices is felt more and more every day by parents who want to protect their

How to Restore WhatsApp Messages (Android & iPhone)

October 2, 2016

Many people might wonder if they are able to restore WhatsApp chats and messages deleted from their iPhone or Android smartphones/tablets. Here we present some

How to Crop Videos (+Video Cropper Apps)

September 17, 2016

Cropping videos could be done in order to remove the unnecessary areas or extra borders from the videos. Different video tools and software could be

How to Hack Snapchat (+Snapchat Spy Apps)

September 9, 2016

There are some methods and tools available for spying on someone’s Snapchat app account. Also some might look for ways for boosting their points through

How to Save a Word Document as a PDF

August 29, 2016

A PDF creator software is necessary for saving a Word document in a PDF file format. But users sometimes got in trouble because of the

How to Fix the Error ‘The system cannot find the file specified’

August 8, 2016

The error of ‘the system cannot find the file specified’ is one those problems which might occur within so many applications and software such as

How to Back Up iPhone & Android Contacts

August 2, 2016

Many consider ways to back up their Android or iPhone (or other iOS device) contacts these days. That’s because in case buying a new smartphone

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages (Android & iPhone)

July 9, 2016

Here we introduce some methods to recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages. Losing Facebook messages could be happened on any device or due to any reason.