When I Work Review & Pricing

When I Work Review & Pricing

When I Work is an up and coming software for self-employed workers and organizations to schedule their work hours. If you are struggling with time strains, lack of productivity or over scheduling issues, then this When I Work software is a right choice for you.

There are numerous benefits that come hand in hand with registering on this interface. Following are a few that stand out:

1) Time tracking

With all your goals and tasks jotted down and planned ahead of time with When I Work, you will free up more time for yourself to invest more energy into developing ways to oversee the growth of your company.

Also, you can track the number of hours for which you and your employees tend to work every week.

You can also preset all the responsibilities of your employees so that they can work independently and efficiently without you having to look over every single detail.

2) Employee accountability

When I Work provides an easy to use interface that aids communication between you and your employees, thus placing more stakes on employee accountability. Moreover, regular updates keep you in the loop consistently. In this way, you can streamline your most efficient employees and quickly get rid of the ones that do not seem to pick up their slack.

3) Adaptability

In case of sudden shift changes or request for an extension of deadlines etc., you will not have to worry about the quality of your workflow as When I Work software makes sure that there are enough employees operating at one point to fill those gaps, leaving you with the most accurate results.

4) Credibility

When I Work software is currently provides its services to over 20,000 satisfied clients. Operating in up to fifty countries, it has established its sound reputation as one of the most trusted work planners out there.

Customers have gone as far as to say that there is nothing quite like it when it comes to planning and running your own business.

5) Ease of access

When all your appointments and deadlines are set up on When I Work, you will not have to run around chasing employees asking for submission reports or putting out other fires because all of them will be accessible at the simple click of a button.

You will also be more approachable as an employer as you can access and communicate with your employees and vice versa at all hours of the day without any hitches.

Besides above options, When I Work provides many other features as well. These include shifts management, time clock, team messaging, applicant tracking system and more.

The software could also sync with online calendar apps such as Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, etc.


Users could easily sign up for a When I Work account for free. This option is suitable for those looking for a scheduling software to be used for less than 75 employees.

Included options in this free plan includes Android and iPhone app, group messaging and chat, shift trading, availability and time off management and schedule builder.

Other plans cost depending on the number of users per month. For example, ‘Basic’ plan has a $1.5 price for each user/month. This plan provides powerful scheduling and communication features compared to the free plan with just simple scheduling. So, teams with many job sites or locations could benefit a lot from this package.

Other plans are available such as Scheduling Pro and Enterprise which offers more features. Detailed information could be obtained from the official website: https://wheniwork.com


As an entrepreneur, it is vital to understand that there is a lot of pressure lying on your shoulders and it would be wise to set your priorities beforehand so that you can spend more time refining your actual role as a leader instead of struggling to balance and manage your time. When I Work software does all of that for you, and we are sure that this is an initiative that you will want to take to ensure maximum prosperity for yourself, your business and your employees.