Full Crystal Review: Exterior Window Cleaner

Full Crystal Review: Exterior Window Cleaner

Full Crystal is an exterior cleaning system used to clean outdoor surfaces, especially screens and windows. Read on this review to learn more about different aspects of this cleaning kit.


  • For more than windows: screens and glass are among the various outdoor surfaces which could be cleaned with this cleaning kit.
  • Easy to use: cleaning and rinsing could easily be done using this bottle and sprayer.
  • Far reaching: up to 27 feet could be reached with Full Crystal Kit when attached to a hose, therefore second story windows which are usually hard-to-reach could be cleaned with no ladder, rising or scrubbing.
  • Non-toxic & safe: outdoor surfaces and plastic would not be harmed by the non-corrosive pressure washer soap. That’s also the case for flowers beds, shrubs, lawns and plants.
  • Powerful cleaner: if you want a streak-free shine on your glass and siding doors, and windows with no sign of water deposits, stain, grime and dirt then you could be sure that using this product would help you toward achieving your goal.

How to use it

You could follow these instructions which tell you how to use Full Crystal Kit exterior cleaning system step by step:

  1. Pour solution into bottle: grab a cleaning crystals bag – if not included with your product, which is the case most probably, you should buy it separately from Amazon or other retailers – open it and pour it into the bottle.
  2. Garden hose attachment: this step is required since you need a water source to mix it with the solution and also pressure the mixture out of the bottle. So, take any garden hose and attach it to the lid of the bottle.
  3. Start cleaning: remember that the silver nozzle of the bottle should be pointed toward the window(s) you want to clean. Once, you’re sure about preparations, you could turn on the hose.

Pollen, dust and other dirt could be eliminated from the window by the hose and bottle combination when any window is correctly aimed.


Not just for windows: in fact, lots of outdoor things could be cleaned with this cleaner sprayer. Among these exterior cleanable things are roof tiles, shingles, pavers, walkways, driveways, motorized vehicles, patio, patio furniture, etc.

And according to the manufacturer, different surfaces such as metal, vinyl, wood, concrete and stucco could be cleaned with this exterior cleaner.

Moreover, dirt, grease and oil stains are said to be cleanable with this sprayer.

Could be attached to normal hoses: there is no need to buy a new hose just to use with Full Crystal since you old standard one could just do the trick.

That makes this cleaning system completely portable because you could easily move it and use it in any location with access to a garden hose.

Ladders aren’t required: the water could be sprayed to a window as high as 27 feet with Full Crystal spray bottle, so there is no longer the hassle of using a tall ladder to reach high windows in order to clean them.


One of the main disadvantages of using this product is that the crystal powder might not be included with your kit when you receive your ordered package.

That’s the case for many negative reviewers in Amazon and other websites.

The other disadvantage is that because of the powerful spray of this cleaning system, indoor usage isn’t an option when using Full Crystal cleaning kit.


Although some people might think of mixing powdered crystals with other cleaning solutions in order to get better results, that could be a bad idea. The reason is that the mixture might not just work and cause a mess to happen inside your bottle.

More than that, when applied to the windows and glass, instead of cleaner surfaces, you could get dirtier results.

Also, some slipping and falling could happen for people who walk around the area where you just sprayed the windows and other surfaces. That’s because the water and the solution could be all over the grass, ground and other surfaces while you spray it out of the bottle, making them very slippery.

Where to buy

Amazon could be your first choice if you want to purchase Full Crystal window cleaner. The retailer has listed the product for sale at about $20: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CRRBYND

But be aware that, you might not get the crystal powder along with the bottle, as advertised. That’s according to so many negative reviews and comments from actual buyers who have complained about this issue.

So, you could buy the cleaning powder as a separate product from https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N6MJ51V which lists the Full Crystal Refill Kit (up to 80 windows could be cleaned with it).

Buyfullcrystal.com is the official website of the product, which could also be used to order the cleaning kit at the same price as Amazon website.

You other choice would be trying Full Crystal alternative products and other window cleaner available which could be easily searched through main online stores such as Walmart, Amazon, etc.