FlexiSPY Review

FlexiSPY Review

FlexiSPY is one of the most powerful cell phone spy and monitoring apps on the market. The software boasts some unique features and tools, and could be installed and run on many mobile phones and tablets including Android devices, iPhone and iPad.

People use phone spy software for many reasons and motives. Some parents may be looking for a way to protect their children and find out about their IM chats, emails and other phone usage activities. On the other hand, couples could trust each other more when they know about each other’s calls, emails, web activities and so on. Employers could also want to keep tabs on their employees using latest tech software.

All these tasks could be done using this kind of app known as monitoring/spy software. Here we’ll be reviewing FlexiSPY.

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What is FlexiSPY and how it works

flexispy-dashboardFlexiSPY is a cell phone (and tablet) spy software which when installed on the target device lets you track and monitor its activities and communications. The application gathers the information, encrypts it and then sends it to your online account in order for you to securely access it. FlexiSPY offers many features and tools (some of them really unique) which you could check some of them below:


  • Spying on phone calls: this is a full-fledged call interception feature as you could listen to live calls and record them (a feature which is currently exclusive to FlexiSPY among all cell phone spy apps), and access all call logs (even those belong to VOIP)
  • SMS monitoring: SMS Tracker of the app gives you full access to target phone’s message inbox, enabling you to view and read received and sent messages, and view related SMS information such as time and date details, contact names, phone numbers, etc.
  • Instant messages spying: the app allows you to know completely what’s happening on different instant messaging platforms including WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, Viber, Facebook, LINE, Snapchat, Yahoo Messenger and so on. You could monitor chats, conversations, profile pictures, stickers, emoticons, audio messages, photos, videos, etc.
  • flexispy-locationsCell phone tracking: use this GPS powered feature to know exactly where the device is (shown on the map). In addition, the tool has historical data so that you could find out where the cell phone or tablet has been over a given period of time.
  • Phone/tablet surroundings monitoring: in case you wonder what’s going on in the room or environment the mobile phone is placed, this feature could help you find out what’s going on by recording or listening to ambient sounds.
  • Phone camera spying: using FlexiSPY RemCam tool, you’ll be able to remotely control the camera of the device in order to take a picture whenever you want and save it for later.
  • Password cracker: various passcodes and passwords could be cracked using this tool including the device passcode (even the pattern lock using Android FlexiSPY), and installed applications usernames and passwords.
  • Email tracking: read and access all the emails sent and received by the smartphone or tablet, plus contact details and timeframes.
  • Web browsing monitoring: Track and see web browsing activities including history, bookmarks, and all the web pages accessed by the target device along with corresponding time and date information.
  • Alerting system: the spy app is equipped with a great alerting system (Alert Wizard) which allows you to be informed whenever a specific contact calls or is called, certain keywords appear in instant messages, email or SMS, device entering certain location specified by you, SIM card is changed, …
  • Apps and files spying: FlexiSPY lets you spy on target device’s address book (contact entries with names and numbers), notes, calendar (scheduled appointments, birthdays, meetings, etc.), video files, audio files, image files, installed applications, battery status, …

The important fact is that the software could run in a hidden and stealthy mode while doing all above tasks and functions.

Please note that FlexiSPY is a spy software and not a spyware, since it requires to be installed on the device physically, unlike most spyware. In fact, main antivirus programs don’t have a problem with this software installing and running.

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FlexiSPY Premium or FlexiSPY Extreme

FlexiSPY is presented in two packages: Premium & Extreme. The Premium version includes all the average functionalities which are usually enough for more users. These features include: instant messaging monitoring (such as WeChat, Facebook, LINE, Skype, iMessage, Viber and so on), phone call logs, locations, web history, bookmarks, address book, audios, photos, videos and etc.

But if you want more including live phone call interception and recording, password cracker, camera control and spoofing tools go for the Extreme package which is more expensive but worth the price tag since it contains tools and functions not provided by any competitor products or softwares.

FlexiSPY Premium price is $68 per month (also $99 for three months or $149 yearly), whereas the Extreme version costs $199 for three months (or $349 yearly).

FlexiSPY is available for the following devices:

  • iPhone and iPad (iOS powered): all iOS versions are compatible up to version 1.2
  • Android phones and tablets: all android versions are supported including Lollipop (version 5)
  • Nokia phones: compatible with phones equipped with Symbian Anna/Belle
  • BlackBerry devices: supports versions 5.0 to 1

FlexiSPY installation

Although this application may seem complicated with so many options and possibilities but it has a very easy install process which could take only minutes. Even if you face any problems through the process the manufacturer’s live support could help you solve them.

  • iPhone: in order to install FlexiSPY on iPhone you should jailbreak don’t worry it’s very easy and live support could help you through the jailbreaking process. Also note that call spying feature isn’t available on Verizon or other CDMA networks.
  • Android: the software could easily be installed on Android powered devices, but in order to take full advantage of the application and use all the features you should root the device first. The invisibility mode of the app and remote software updates are only possible when the device is rooted.

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FlexiSPY vs competition

It’s obvious that FlexiSPY isn’t the only phone spy app on the market. In fact, it has lots of competition with different features and functions. To know more about each of them, you should research and read reviews for them, but here we quickly have a look at main features which separates FlexiSPY from its major competition products.

  • FlexiSPY vs mSpy: in addition to live call spying which is a unique feature of FlexiSPY, the app could be running really in invisible mode which isn’t completely provided by mSpy although the manufacturer claims otherwise. (according to tests run by FlexiSPY) It means that there are ways to detect if mSpy is monitoring on a device.
  • FlexiSPY vs MobiStealth: in addition to the previous issues (not offering spying on live calls and being detectable) MobiStealth provides less IM networks monitoring compared to its competitor. Facebook, Viber, Skype and SnapChat are among many platforms it couldn’t access.
  • FlexiSPY vs Mobile Spy: the same issues as said above, here with different platforms in regard to IM monitoring.

There are other similar apps such as Highester, SpyEra, SpyBubble and so on. But the important point is that if you want that unique feature (live call interception) and an app that is completely undetectable, among other great options available for you, then go for FlexiSPY.

Customer support

FlexiSPY has a great support center working 6 days a week (not working on Sundays) day and night. They have a support section on their website with lots of tutorial articles and videos, and a detailed FAQ page which covers lots of topic ranging from before purchase to when you have it installed on the target device.

They also have a refund policy which allows you to try the software up to 10 days after you buy it. Also you could request a refund if the spy app isn’t compatible with your device.

To buy this tablet and mobile spy software you have many payment options including PayPal and Bitcoin.