How to Hatch Turtle Eggs in Minecraft

How to Hatch Turtle Eggs in Minecraft

One of the not so common blocks in Minecraft is turtle eggs which if hatched properly could lead to baby turtles. But how to get these eggs and hatch them? Read the rest of this article to learn more about turtle eggs and their hatching process.

Step by step guide to hatch turtle eggs

Get turtle eggs

The first thing to do in this step is to find eggs. One of the best places to look is Beach biome. There, along the sand edge you’ll probably see some eggs laid by turtles.

Another method to get turtle eggs is by creating a nest of them. That could be done when you breed turtles.

Speed up the tick speed

If you want to avoid the long time required for hatching or just can’t wait to see your turtle eggs ready in the game, you could simply increasing the speed of the game.

That would in turn speed up the process for turtle eggs hatching.

Here you could find a tutorial on how to increase/decrease tick speed in Minecraft.

Cracking of the turtle eggs

In Minecraft, eggs need to be cracked three times until you’ll be able to see baby turtles come out from the eggs and move around.

Each cracking comes with a “crack” sound.

Change back the random tick speed

Now that you have increased the game speed so that you’ll get turtle eggs faster, you could decrease the random tick speed again in order to play the game with normal speed. The mentioned guide above will help you with that as well.

Turtle eggs growth speed

As a general rule, eggs develop faster at night, and also they will almost certainly hatch at night. Up to seven nights is the time required by the majority of the eggs to hatch.

Taking longer happens rarely, although not impossible, so don’t get frustrated if nothing happens; it only means that you are unfortunate.

Another important point to note is that 128 blocks is needed to be close to these eggs so that the process happens smoothly.

You could increase the process of eggs hatching by following instructions for Minecraft tick speed to alter the speed from the default number – which is 3 – to a higher number.

For instance, typing /gamerule randomTickSpeed 500 would set the Minecraft speed to 500.

This approach is applicable to anything that employs random ticks, such as dripping Lava from Dripstones or producing crops.

You may also change the value of the tick speed to zero so that the clock would be stopped from ticking. It’s a method to stop time altogether in Minecraft.

Because Baby Turtles take a long time to mature into adult Turtles, knowing that they will develop quicker by feeding them Seagrass might be beneficial.

Every time they’ll be fed by you, the procedure will be speed up by 10% of the time remained.

How to move turtle eggs

If you wish to move the eggs, you will only be able to do so using a Silk Touch enchanted instrument.

If the eggs are broken in any other way (or moved with pistons), they will not drop anything and the eggs will be gone.

Remember that shattering them with Silk Touch will reset their development stage (more info on the growth stage later, at the Hatching section).

Keep in mind that eggs can be put anywhere, but they will only hatch on a Sand or Red Sand block.

What to do if turtle eggs don’t hatch

One of the problems by players about turtle eggs is that the hatching process doesn’t seem to work for them.

The reason could be a result of several factors. But, in most cases it’s the game requirements that the players don’t meet while trying to hatch the eggs.

Here are some common solutions which might help you get better or faster results when hatching turtle eggs:

1) Higher hatching rate at night

Many players don’t know this small detail in Minecraft. But this could help here by knowing that turtle eggs hatch much faster at night compared to day.

2) No hatching without multiple cracks

It’s crucial to know that you’ll get no hatching unless those required cracks have happened in the game.

Usually, the hatching happens after three cracks, as said in the steps above.

3) Shorter waiting time with tick speed change

Again, if you’d like to play the game in the default speed, which is done by many players, then you’ll have to wait longer for the hatching to happen.

Otherwise, just increase the Minecraft tick speed according to the guide we mentioned earlier in this tutorial.