What Does Fortune on an Axe Do in Minecraft?

What Does Fortune on an Axe Do in Minecraft?

If you are a Minecraft player but not sure what fortune on an axe does in Minecraft, you have come to the right place. Here, we will explain everything you need to know. Axe is one of the essential and basic tools in the Minecraft game. The key purpose of the axe in Minecraft is to enable players to chop trees and blocks and/or craft items created with wood. Besides, axes in Minecraft can also be employed as weapons.

To upgrade axes, there is a wide range of enchantments available in the Minecraft game. One of the top enchantments is the fortune that can be discovered and introduced in tools to enhance their output.

In this article, you will learn everything about using Fortune to upgrade the Minecraft axe.

But first, let’s see what the Fortune enchantment is in Minecraft.

What is Minecraft Fortune enchantment?

In the Minecraft games, fortune is an enchantment, and the key role of enchantment is to boost the block drops from mining. With fortune enchantment, you will have better odds of discovering better tools and objects. You can do this enchantment to axe, pickaxe, and shovel.

There are three levels of Fortune in Minecraft. The fortune enchantment will have more effect at the upper level.

In general, more item drops could be expected from the tools with the Fortune enchantment. For instance, when a diamond ore block is mined by a player, more diamonds would be dropped using pickaxes with this enchantment.

That’s why many Minecraft players consider the Fortune enchantment as one of the most important enchantments for their tools in the game.

What does Fortune enchantment do on an axe?

Even though Fortune enchantment can be implemented to axes, many players want to know its benefits. What Does Fortune do on an Axe in Minecraft? There is surely a use for fortune enchantment in the Minecraft game.

Applying fortune on the axe in Minecraft will not provide you with more wood but there might be some other benefits. Players generally bring an axe with them when exploring as it is a common tool in Minecraft. The Fortune enchantment on an axe will let you collect more items including saplings and seeds.

Fortune enchantment on axes is not believed to be very useful. But the application of Fortune on an axe will drop rates of some tools such as apples and melons to enhance significantly.

The chance of gathering more things depends on the level of fortune. A higher fortune level offers more benefits.

Using fortune on the axe will also help enhance the number of drops a player can collect while farming. Players will also improve the odds of the drop of an apple.

Keep in mind that fortune doesn’t increase the output of items every time. It is a game of chance. For instance, the highest melon drop is 9 slices with level III of fortune but the odds of getting all 9 slices from melon is just 2%. Fortune may not be very effective on an axe in Minecraft, but it has some uses.

It usually won’t offer many benefits unless you wish to collect more apples or melons from a watermelon.

Does Fortune on an axe give more wood?

Some Minecraft players doubt if fortune on an axe will help them get more wood. Note that using the fortune on the axe will not provide you with more wood. This will only enable you to gather a variety of seeds, more saplings, and some other drops.

Which enchantment is better on an axe: Fortune or Silk Touch?

One of Minecraft’s greatest enchantments is the Silk Touch. Squares could be mined in the game without affecting their shape, making it ideal for survival mode when you wish to create things.

However, using it on an axe is pointless because axes cannot chop leaves and Silk Touch does not function with blocks such as cobwebs or mushroom shelves. In other words, this enchantment could only impact typical wood trees.

What are the benefits of using a Fortune on an axe?

Some of the benefits of using Fortune on an axe are given below:

Using the fortune on axes enhances the drop rates of specific items if you have an axe to harvest them. The fortune enchantment on the axe when used on leaves will increase the chances of gathering more sticks and saplings. The feature can be used on all types of vines to increase the chance of receiving a higher drop rate.

The highest level of fortune i.e., Fortune III offers a one hundred percent chance of getting a drop when applied to the axe. When the fortune on the axe is used on ferns and grass, it enhances the number of drops without increasing the odds of drop. Fortune enchantment is good for harvesting crops and fetching more glowstone dust.

Generally, fortune enchantment will offer you more apples, saplings, and even more slices of melon when you break them down.

Based on the Fortune level on the axe, the number of items in your drop will increase by 1, 2, or 3 when used on wheat seeds, carrots, potatoes, and sweet berries.

You should reconsider before you try to use a Fortune enchantment on the axe as it requires you to spend some resources. However, if you want to boost the output of certain items like melon slices, saplings, and melon slices, using fortune on the axe in Minecraft may become important.


In Minecraft, there are many enchantments and tools. Some of them are more useful than others. Do not restrict yourself to just the fortune on the axe and try different combinations in Minecraft. Apply other enchantment on the axe as well to reap the benefits. Keep in mind that the axe could be used for other purposes too, such as a weapon to kill enemies and animals one by one as they give a little more damage than a sword. Go on, explore new things, and have fun.