How to Add Videos to PowerPoint

How to Add Videos to PowerPoint

One of the great ways to make PowerPoint presentations more professional is by using videos in your slides. Here we discuss some methods to embed a video file in your PowerPoint slideshows.

Presentation slides which contain videos could take an average business or educational presentation to the next level. This way, you’ll be able to take advantage of the video content made by others – or yourself, for that matter – and offer your audience something different compared to most normal slideshows.

But, sometimes PowerPoint slides or other types of presentations which contain video content could cause a poor experience for the people being presented due to the fact that videos were poorly embedded in the slides.

The main reason is that when there is a poor internet connection and the slide videos need web connection, you could face some loading difficulties during the presentation.

That’s why, here, we provide you different ways to embed videos in PowerPoint slides:

1) Adding videos from the Internet

Major video sharing platforms such as YouTube are used very often to embed videos directly through the web into Microsoft PowerPoint files.

In fact, PowerPoint has the option to add videos from online platforms.

Follow these steps to import a video into your slides:

  • 1) In order to access this feature, you could click on the ‘Online Video’ option when trying to add a video through ‘Insert’ tab on the software.
  • 2) In the box that’s opened, just enter the video link which you’ve copied from any online video source such as YouTube or Vimeo.
  • 3) After the import is finished, you could play, arrange or resize it in order to be prepared for your slideshow.

Just make sure that in order to get the job done using this method, a stable and fast internet connection is available for your computer.

2) Embedding videos from the computer

Many people prefer their PowerPoint presentation to have videos which could be accessed anytime, whether they have internet connection or not.

This could be done when you add your video from your computer. This could be some video file which you’ve downloaded earlier from a video sharing platform. Or, you could also use your own video content which you’ve produced using a video editing software or an online video maker to embed into your slideshow.

Anyway, no matter where you’ve got your video file from, as long as it could be found on your PC or Mac system, you could add it to your presentation.

These easy steps include the instruction you need:

  • 1) Open the PowerPoint software and then choose ‘Insert’ from the top toolbar.
  • 2) This time, select ‘Video from file’ option after clicking on video option on the menu. Browse through your hard drives to find and select the video file you’d like to embed in the slides.
  • 3) After the import has been completed, the editing tools of PowerPoint are accessible to you to resize, rotate, or crop your video to give it a more professional touch.

In case, you need to make your videos more appealing by adding some animation, characters or other animated effects, you could take use of the animated video maker which is available online. There, you could also access plenty of tutorials for making animated videos as well.


As mentioned above, PowerPoint provides different ways to users to embed their videos into their slides. Both ways of offline or online video adding have their own advantages and disadvantages, and therefore you could choose the method which is more suited for your requirements and situation.