PicResize Online Photo Resizer Review

PicResize Online Photo Resizer Review

If you are looking for an online image editing website, PicResize is a great option. PicResize is basically an online image resizing service that allows users to carry out various operations with their images.

Due to the availability of numerous features, a decent interface and quick service it has grown quite popular.

Today, PicResize is one of the most visited online images editing service. It has a record of processing more than 30,000 images every day. PicResize offers various files for formatting that include GIF, JPED, PNG and BMP. It provides users the flexibility to edit their images in various formats.

There are several options available in PicResize. Users can not only resize their images, they can also edit them through multiple special effects available. The best thing about PicResize is that it makes photo resizing easier and quicker. Users do not have to install heavy software to do. Installing new software consumes a lot of time, let alone the headache of learning all the complicated operations.

The website is simple. It does not bombard users with excessive information. All the options available such as resizing, cropping, adding special effects, etc are mentioned on the menu bar which is easy to read.


Among the many options available in PicResize, a very commonly used feature is this. It helps users get rid of the unwanted part of the image very easily.

Even if you are using PicResize for the first time or have never cropped an image before, you will not find any trouble in it. The process is simple.

The preview of the image available is where you will be cropping the part of the image you wish to keep. The part that does not fall inside the designated space will be cropped. After clicking on “crop selection” you will obtain a new image that you can save on any format you wish.


This feature helps users resize their image. Users can enlarge their image by 25, 50 or 75 percent. They can also specify a custom size. However, in PicResize users cannot downsize their images, which is something they should add to provide the ultimate resizing facility.

The preview table is available on the left which helps you select all the pixel dimensions there are.

Special effects

Users can add exciting effects to their pictures from a pool of 17 effect options. The best thing about this is that users can first get a preview of the special effect before they directly apply it. Users can decide the intensity of the filter.

There are other effects that help you manage the brightness, shadows and contrast of images.

Overall, some of the main features of this useful image editing website could be summed up below:

  • It can crop the image.
  • It can resize the image.
  • It can edit a single pic.
  • You can upload the bulk of images to edit and resize.
  • You can load a sample image also.
  • It can add special effects as well.
  • You can download the image direct from the internet.
  • You can paste that to your clipboard.
  • It works with high-quality assurance.
  • They have pre-defined dimension to resize your pic.


PicResize is a decent website that is doing a good job in providing all the effective features. It is free and does not have any limit regarding the number of images you can edit in one go. However, it needs to add downsizing option too which will make it easy.

Moreover, some unwanted ads also appear that need to be controlled. Overall the website is well-designed and user-interactive.