Akaunting Free Accounting Software Review

Akaunting Free Accounting Software Review

If you have a small business, it’s crucial to ensure that all your taxes are paid and every expense is accounted for. Here we review free accounting software: Akaunting.

Most of the time apps that help you handle your accounting tend to be very expensive. That’s where Akaunting comes into play. This is a free and open source tool that makes it really easy for you to handle your accounting fast and without any problem.

Interface and ease of use

The primary benefit of Akaunting is that it has a simple dashboard where you can see all expenses and income. You can handle items, incomes, expenses, banking, and you can also acquire reports and so on.

The information can be accessed on your computer and your tablet, and the dashboard remains the same, it just adapts to the platform you are using this on.


Right from the start, you will be impressed with the wealth of information that can be stored and managed with this app. First, the fact that you can see your finances online at any time is amazing. You can also create and share invoices, manage customers, deposits and transfers as well. Akaunting also offers you support for billable expenses, vendor management and you can add various payments too.

One great thing about Akaunting is that it supports tons of different currencies, and you can manage all of them without a problem. You can create bank and cash accounts as well as track their balance.

You can also track your inventory and generate reports at any given time if you want to. Then there’s support for more than one company if you have 2 or more businesses you can handle their accounting within a single app.

With Akaunting you have complete inventory management, you have support for recurring payments, and you can set up tax rates, create and handle multiple transaction categories and so on.

We like the fact that you also have unlimited attachments and a dedicated app store that helps expand Akaunting’s functionality in a masterful way.

Reliability and support

Akaunting can be expanded with plugins and additional apps, which is a very important thing to keep in mind. It’s created for small businesses.

And the best thing is that you have 100% financial data ownership and free updates.

That being said, the fact that you can change the language and currencies at any given time makes this much more rewarding without a problem. As for the Akaunting support, they are very reliable and fast, they reply to your messages quickly, and we found them to be very professional.


All in all, Akaunting is a great accounting tool that will help you manage your finances fast and easy. It’s the best finance app for small businesses. It’s free, open source, it has lots of apps that can add more features, not to mention you can manage vendors, your inventory, customers and handle invoices or payments fast.

All you have to do is to check it out right away, the app is free and it also has an online feature that makes it easy for you to access everything online from any device.

So, if you want a professional accounting solution that’s free of charge, Akaunting is one of the best tools out there.