iRobot Roomba 880 Review

iRobot Roomba 880 Review

Roomba 880 is one of the top robot vacuum cleaners from iRobot, a well-known brand in this category. This vacuum is a great upgrade over its previous models and even after some time from its debut, it’s still one of the bestselling items in its category in many online stores.

However, for many users these automatic vacuum cleaners are still somehow expensive, especially when they could use a standard cleaning system with a much lower price to do the job for them.

Roomba 880 features

This iRobot product easily detects debris and dirt, and wherever required it makes more cleaning effort to make sure it does its job really well.

Compared to previous models, Roomba 880 provides 5 times more vacuum power. Also it offers 100 percent more battery life due to its new iRobot XLife Battery.

The vacuum is equipped with a remote control as well, helping users to guide their robot cleaner directly.

When users want to define a boundary for the device, such as keeping the device from crossing a door or other spaces, they could use Virtual Wall Lighthouses which come with the device.


Other features of this Roomba vacuum include:

  • Alarming owners to empty the bin through its full bin indicator
  • Smartly avoiding obstacles, stairs and loose wires
  • Sweeping along edges of walls
  • Moving around and under almost any furniture, curtain and bed
  • Schedulable for vacuum cleaning several times a week.
  • Hard floors to carpets automatic transition.

Getting the device to start the cleaning process is very simple. Users just press the clean button on the vacuum and it begins to clean the floor, regardless of its type.

Roomba 880 vs other Roomba vacuums

When comparing this product to previous models based on picking up dirt, Roomba 880 does the job the same as Roomba 770, but Roomba 650 is the winner model in this task. Although it should be mentioned that the chances that the 650 model could damage furniture is higher than 880, since 650 is more aggressive when cleaning. Please note that this is according to some video reviews we found while researching about this product.

In terms of device dimensions, there is no difference between 880 and the previous models. So this model robot vacuum could also slip under anything which is taller than it, with no difficulty.

One of the main differences between this model and the Roomba 700 series vacuums is the technology used to grab dirt. Before the 800 series, iRobot vacuums used brushes to do the cleaning. In their newer products, rubber treads which are called AeroForce Extractors have replaced those old brushes.

Apparently, these extractors better collect dirt while decreasing brush maintenance and hair tangles. According to CNET, the 880 collects pet hair considerably much better than the Roomba 790.


roomba-880-vacuumWhen visiting the vacuum cleaning products on the website, visitors notice that the price for Roomba 880 is $699.99 according to the site. But the good news is that cheaper prices could also be found on other stores across the web.

For example, Amazon has a discounted price for this robot cleaner for buyers. And that’s currently $683.99.

The online store also features some parts and accessories for the device. These include replacement filter, batteries, virtual wall barriers, and so on.

Several other websites such as Overstock, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy has this Roomba vacuum for sale as well, but the price isn’t any different than the one listed on the official website. Of course, many might prefer buying the device for less than what the brand new device would cost them from a seller on eBay.