Homelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock Review

Homelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock Review

If you for any reason have difficulties waking up in the morning, we suggest using a sunrise alarm clock like the one by Homelabs. Here we review more features of this great product.

Because of its colorful lighting options and cute design, kids love Homelabs alarm clock.

Beside, this could be more than just a digital clock and could act as a colored night light or bedside lamp for them as well.

How it works

When you set a time for the alarm clock, half hour before that time you could expect the sunrise simulation to begin. The light brightness gets higher and higher gradually.

At the time of the alarm setting, the brightness reaches its highest point and the alarm sound is turned on.


With Homelabs sunrise alarm clock, you have the option to adjust many settings such as sunrise simulation and clock display brightness.

For the alarm sound, users could choose the radio or nature sounds option (such as lullaby songs, chirping birds, ocean waves, etc.)

When you compare the volume of nature sounds to that of the radio, the maximum volume which you could get is higher with the radio alarm. So, that would be better option if you are a heavy sleeper.

Also, in order to have better reception for the radio, you could take advantage of the back panel’s antenna.

As with many alarm clocks, there is a snooze button which causes the sound and light to be turned off for 5 minutes.

Some of the key features of this sunrise alarm clock include:

  • LED with touchscreen buttons: you could easily adjust the display’s brightness using the 3 settings.
  • 24-hour / 12-hour digital clock: depending on what you like, you could choose between the two options for displaying clock.
  • FM radio: different radio stations could be accessed using this feature of the device.
  • Nature sounds: if you prefer ocean waves, lullaby, birds sounds, etc. to be played by the device to wake you up, you could select from the options offered by this digital clock.
  • Decorative LED colors: vibrant colors such as yellow, purple, blue, green and red could be emitted by the device whenever you like. So, it could be used as a bedside or table lamp throughout the day.

Where to buy?

This digital alarm clock is priced very reasonably and is one of the most affordable options available.

In fact, many similar products in the market with features more or less like this one, are sold with a price tag much higher than Homelabs’.

Anyway, in order to buy this sunrise alarm clock, you have different options: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

At the time of writing this review, we found that the best place to buy it new was Amazon.

Of course, you could find used items of this device on eBay, or other websites listing not-new items for sale.