Ecovacs DEEBOT D79 Review

Ecovacs DEEBOT D79 Review

One of the robot items these days which is very popular is robotic vacuum cleaners. They are in many shapes and designs, offering different features. One of the top choices is the new vacuum by Ecovacs, DEEBOT D79, which is the right selection to automatically clean carpets and bare floors.

DEEBOT D79 is the latest model in the D7 series of Ecovacs vacuum cleaners. The previous model, DEEBOT D77 could only be used to clean hard floors, but of course, with a cheaper price.



  • Cleaning on its own – as a smart robot, D79 does the cleaning job on its own by analyzing the environment (gathering info such as obstacles, the room size, etc.) and in order to choose the most efficient method for cleaning. Since the robot automatically monitors how much debris and dust is there to be cleaned, users could be sure that the device does its job effectively.
  • Side brushes – unlike many cleaning robots in the market which provide just a single brush, D79 has sweeper brushes on both of its sides, making it easy to clean areas such as room perimeters and baseboards.
  • Soft-touch object detection – equipped with a non-scratch cushion placed on the floating bumper located on the leading side of the vacuum, DEEBOT D79 is very protective when its path comes near household items, furniture or walls.
  • Safe around stairs – the robot could continuously interpret its path using its underbody sensors. That’s why there is no falling risk for the DEEBOT robotic vacuum when it is used to clean around drop-offs and stairs.
  • Power management – DEEBOT D79 considers both automatic charging and efficient power consumption. It is able to recharge itself by going back to its station whenever it’s low on battery. On the other hand, the charging station consumes less power once the battery is full.
  • Short height – this feature makes it very easy for the D79 to clean places such as furniture underneath or other areas which require a low profile to fit.
  • Self-emptying vacuum cleaner – this is one of the most important features of this vacuum cleaner which sets it apart from other similar products in the market. DEEBOT D79 could empty its dustbin itself. In other words, the device doesn’t need any help from the owner to do this task.
  • Scheduled cleaning support – the owner of the vacuum cleaner could set a cleaning schedule so that the robot automatically starts to clean the floor and other areas every weekday at a certain time. The task could also be triggered through the remote control or the LCD panel of the device.
  • Quality filtration – the device is very effective in decreasing asthma and allergies key factors while purifying the air and picking up hair, lint, mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, pollen, dirt, dust, and so on.

Moreover, users could detach (with a single button touch) the handheld canister from the charging station in order to use it as a regular canister vacuum. This is especially helpful to clean places where robots couldn’t – at least not so far –, such as in the car or on the bookshelves.

Price and where to buy

DEEBOT D79 could be purchased online from different websites, including the Ecovacs website itself. So the vacuum robot has a price range from around $620 on Amazon to $700 on Best Buy and Ecovacs Robotics.