Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire TV vs. Google Chromecast Review & Comparison

Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire TV vs. Google Chromecast Review & Comparison

Enjoying favorite content – from games to movies to TV shows – has never been easier. Just use a device such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or Google Chromecast and experience hours and hours of nonstop entertainment on TV. Here we review these devices from different aspects.

Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire TV vs. Google Chromecast


The Apple TV has maintained a slim structure. The box can be connected to the TV by an apple’s USB cable provided along in the pack.

The Amazon Fire TV has got edges and will hang from your TV set. It has a USB cable which couldn’t be detached. It is slim and can fit at the back of your TV.

Apple TV (4th Generation)

Google Chromecast has got a minimalistic structure. It is kind of a thumb-sized dot that requires an HDMI port for the output and a USB to draw in power. Even if you do not have the USB port, Google provides with a power adapter.

Ease of Access

Apple does not leave you a scope to complain about their Apple TV’s remote. It is very slim, almost completely fits in your palm. The catch, the remote has a touchpad. It seems buttons will soon be a thing-of-the-past for Apple.  It has got a microphone to voice-navigate Siri. The motion sensor of the remote really makes your gaming experience smooth.

The Google Chromecast doesn’t have one remote. Google has a software that can be used for both Android and iOS devices. You can cast videos from apps that support Chromecast.


Sometimes it’s hard to forget some of Apple’s very own designs. One such will be Apple TV’s remote. It’s very slim, easy to hold in one hand and operate, got a microphone and its speciality, a touchpad.

The Amazon Fire TV also got a slim remote but not slimmer than Apple’s. It is pretty much same, slightly longer, but lacks the touch experience.

Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote

The smartphone of users are their remotes when using Google Chromecast. It means that another extra gadget isn’t necessary when dealing with this great device.


Apple got its AI, Siri. Whether it is on phone or on your TV or MacBook, Siri will help to keep connected to your devices.

Amazon has also got its own AI, Alexa. Amazon products like the Echo and the Echo Dot with Alexa voice support can also be connected to your Amazon Fire TV.

Google Chromecast uses its ‘Ok Google’ AI. Devices connected to Google will join the family. It integrates best with Android.

Video Quality

Apple TV is offering 4K video quality i.e. it provides with 3840×2160 pixels picture quality. It supports both 4K Definitions and Dolby Vision. All contents on Apple store and Apple TV have been converted into 4K formats. Apple TV processes all lower definition videos into a higher definition which not all the time results in better video output. Apple does not support vp9 file format and so it cannot process 4K videos from YouTube.

The Amazon Fire TV only supports the standard HDR10 format i.e. 1920×1080 pixels picture quality. But you do not have to underestimate the power of HDR. When well compatible with your casting device, HDR can rock your experience. It does not support Dolby Vision.

Google Chromecast

The Chromecast is limited to HD video quality. Works best with YouTube Videos.

User Interface

Well, there is really no better option regarding Apple’s interface, be it on MacBook, iPhone or the Apple TV. Every video- whether it is previously added or recently added or the ones you have saved, Apple has turned its every video into the ultra-definition i.e. into 4K video quality. Apple has included the Amazon Video app on its platform.

Amazon has made their interface a bit clumsy. Lots of recommendations, sub-categories are on the home page. Amazon has a very good collection of HDR videos.

Every video you find on the internet is in your list when you use Google Chromecast. This does not include paid services like Netflix, Hulu etc. Easy-to-use interface is provided.

Price comparison

Apple TV comes at a price of $179 (32GB version) and $199 (64GB version).

Amazon Fire TV costs only $69.99 whereas it costs only $35 to buy Google Chromecast.

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