PhoneSheriff Review

PhoneSheriff Review

When it comes to monitoring children’s mobile activities, PhoneSheriff parental control app is a great choice for parents. It offers options like location tracking, text monitoring and apps management.

PhoneSheriff app could be used for different purposes. For instance, there are so many online scams and dishonest websites which might be alluring for older parents. So instead of taking the cell phone or mobile device back from them and be deprived of so many advantages of having smartphones, we could use this powerful phone monitoring software and control the activities on their mobile devices.

How PhoneSheriff works

To start the process of parental control with this software users should follow these three simple steps:

  1. The first step is purchasing the program through the producer’s website. After visiting the order page and completing the purchase, all the required information will be sent to the provided email address.
  2. Installing the software is next step which could be done after downloading PhoneSheriff. The download link along with the necessary installing instructions could be found in the email sent after the purchase.
  3. Users could login to their PhoneSheriff account whenever they want in order to access and view the monitored activities and information on the device.



  • GPS location tracking: it is one of the most important features which parents need. Specific areas could be set so that when the device leaves them, a notification would be sent to the parent. Also, the history of locations could be accessed as well. phonesheriff-gps-tracking
  • Messenger logs: BlackBerry messenger, iMessage and WhatsApp are among the popular messenger services which could be tracked by PhoneSheriff app. It means that all messages received and sent could be monitored by the software. The importance of this option is because of the fact that these days most teens use these instant messaging apps much more often that the regular SMS text messages.
  • Panic alerts: all settings of the program could be configured. Email reports settings, alerts and restrictions could be altered by users as well.
  • SMS monitoring: regular text messages received and sent on the targeted tablet or smartphone could be accessed and viewed.
  • Phone calls monitoring: users could spy on phones calls history logs and set call time restrictions.
  • Applications management: all installed apps on the device could be checked out. And certain apps, such as a violent game or inappropriate app, could be restricted to access. This feature is done through application blocking made available by PhoneSheriff.
  • Tracking contacts and calendar: planned events, people contacted and all other logs for calendar and contacts events could be accessed by users.
  • Visited websites control: specific websites (by categories or custom) such as the ones with adult content could be restricted on the smartphone’s browser. And to make it even more powerful, it is possible to block third party browsers too.
  • Viewing photos: the photos available on the monitored phone or tablet could be browsed. phonesheriff-photos-monitoring

Other options and features include: multiple device management, backup and restore information, anti-abduction mode, profanity alert, SMS commands, SIM change alerts, time restrictions (for calling, device usage, messaging and browsing the Internet), email filters, SMS keyword filters, mobile usage logs,  and so on.

Please note that some features might need different requirements depending on the device’s OS. For instance, Gmail monitoring and WhatsApp tracking could only work for rooted Android devices.

Pricing & download

In order to download PhoneSheriff software, users should purchase a subscription license from the company’s website.

phonesheriff-product-boxTwo plans are available to buy: 6-month license ($49) and 1-year license ($89).

Although the software is compatible with iOS, Android and BlackBerry operating systems, there are some limitations available for using the program and taking advantage of monitoring features.

The most important step before buying the program is to check out the PDF list of compatible devices available on PhoneSheriff website. This would be done in order to see whether this parental control app could be installed on the targeted phone.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that in order to use the software for iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone, they should be jailbroken before installing the software.