Netsanity Review: Parental Control App

Netsanity Review: Parental Control App

As one of the most powerful parental control apps available, Netsanity is a well-known family protection solution for iPhone and Android phones which provides lots of helpful features to parents. Read on to learn more about Netsanity and its features.

Netsanity features

  • Safe searchsettings could be adjusted so that just appropriate videos, images and content would be shown when searching on Bing or Google search engines. These filtering could reduce the worries of parents who don’t know what they children might stumble onto while browsing the Internet with their mobile devices.
  • Locate device – it takes just a few seconds for a kid’s location to be pinpointed with the power of Google Maps. Timestamp is included in the last known location and also, location refreshes regularly. Please note that it doesn’t require Google Maps or a GPS app to be installed on the cell phone or tablet in order for this feature to work. Instead, the device itself would be used to pull accurate cell or GPS information. 
  • Site blocker – another powerful feature, especially when used along with other options, which allows school-aged children to have a custom Internet built for them. Specific websites could be blocked or allowed using this feature. At night, favorite sites could be blocked as well, an option made possible due to Netsanity’s cloud based scheduler. Also, a category of sites could be blocked when using this feature with ‘Catblocker’. 
  • Catblocker – more than 30 websites’ categories could be disabled or enabled with the help of Netsanity’s premium content filtering. These categories include advertisements, porn and hate speech. To use this feature any device with an online access could be used in order to do just a few clicks needed on the Netsanity dashboard. Please keep in mind that the ‘Premium’ subscription is required to take advantage of all options offered by Catblocker feature. ‘Lite’ plan just supports the nudity/porn category block. 
  • Game blocker – with just a few clicks, certain games could be disabled by parents on the devices of their kids. So, in-app and game use purchasing surprises could be reduced very much. That’s also the case for Internet-heavy apps with dreadful data bills. Bullying situations could also be avoided as a result of this great option provided by Netsanity parental control app. And overall, screen time could be very limited due to this feature.
  • Time blocker – a great feature, especially for those parents who want to make bedtime and study time non-negotiable. Internet access could be disabled or enabled remotely in one our increments. There is also an option to define reward by giving more screen time for completed chores and homework.
  • App blocker – as simply as clicking a button, more than 50 games and apps could be blocked using this feature. So, no more inappropriate Twitter posts or SnapChat photos. It is important to note that this games and apps’ list has been created based on popularity of use by teens and kids, and according to parents’ requests. New games and apps could be identified and added to the database of Netsanity with the help of parents.

Please note that some of these features – or their full options availability – could only be found in the Netsanity Premium subscription.

As it is obvious from above possibilities, some of the real time capabilities provided by Netsanity parental control app could be hardly found anywhere else – apps, software, programs, etc.

Pricing & subscriptions

Netsanity parental control services offer a variety of plans based on the period of billing (monthly/annual) and the number of devices required to install the app.

The cheapest subscription is ‘Lite’ plan ($10/year or $1/month) which only includes the minimum features such as nudity/porn categories blocking, force Netsanity VPN on and last known location info.

In order to take full advantage of the family protection services offered by Netsanity and use more advanced features such as SMS & calls block, screenshots taking prevention, web browser hiding and custom scheduler, users need to subscribe to the ‘Premium’ plan ($59.95/year or $6.95/month for one device).

More pricing and features info could be found on Netsanity official website.

Also, please note that although most options are provided for both Android (currently Samsung tablets and smartphones) and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), some features might differ a little based on the OS of the device. So, make sure for every important option through the Netsanity website before making a buying decision.

Netsanity offers a 14 days trial service for free as well.