Top 5 Cases for iPhone 12 Pro

Top 5 Cases for iPhone 12 Pro

You got yourself a new iPhone 12 pro phone, and it quickly became the best companion in your daily tasks and adventures. Yes, having the latest model with a great camera and big 6.1-inch screen surely helps take those beautiful pictures and scrolling through TikTok easier.

However, you got yourself a phone that needs that additional protection. The phone is not cheap, and we are sure that breaking it the first time you drop it is not in your plan.

The iPhone 12 Pro belongs to the newest Apple series, and the world of phone cases is ready for it. Just as the iPhone is constantly evolving, with Apple creating the latest tech, the same applies to tech accessories.

Phone cases now come in all the possible variations. You can find ones made from leather, silicone, plastic, and colored in all those rainbow colors. But picking one that will become a companion for your phone might be tricky, and we are here to help with that.

We searched the internet, compared the specs, and found 5 phone cases that will keep your iPhone 12 Pro safe from the unexpected falls. Let’s start choosing!

iPhone 12 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe

Nothing surprising in the fact that Apple has a case for their own iPhone 12 Pro. After all, they know their phone the best. However, as they made this phone, they crafted a case that looks and fits well. The silicone case comes in 15 colors, so you will indeed find one matching your aesthetic.

Also, they are created with built-in magnets making that MagSafe charging more effortless than ever. It was made by the phone creators, so it makes sense that it is that good.

Tech21 Evo Art Modern Camo Case for iPhone 12 Pro

Tech21 modern camo series feature exclusive artwork and a modern look of the all-time favorite camo print. With the new take on the camo print, the case fits your phone seamlessly while providing a 10 ft drop protection. So no worries, you indeed are not that tall, and your phone should not fall from higher than this.

Their Evo Art Modern Case also features increased levels of camera security, keeping your high-quality camera safe from those hard surfaces and unexpected falls.

Burga iPhone 12 Pro Tough Cases

With Burga, fashion and protection become synonyms. Their TOUGH case consists of a shock-absorbing TPU silicone interior and a hard shell plastic exterior with the cutest designs. The double-layer protection offers all-around coverage for your device.

The case also has a raised lip that will keep your iPhone 12 Pro 6.1-inch screen safe from all those clumsy falls when your hands do not work like they used to before. Burga also has 100+ designs, making it easy to find a fitting and fashionable phone case that will make your phone the best accessory.

Otterbox iPhone 12 Pro Defender Series Case

Highly protected, rugged, and tough-looking cases are intended to keep your phone protected. Although the design and color selections are limited and may not seem the best choice for those fashion lovers, they offer dust and dirt protection with the port covers, preventing clogging.

And no clogging means that you will be able to charge your phone even if it falls in the pit of sand, and it might happen. Also, the included holster will double as a hands-free kickstand, and if you love that rugged street fashion look, they just might cater to your style. Add some edge to it your outfit, and keep your phone protected.

Casetify iPhone 12 Pro Grip Case

Grip Series focuses on the idea to keep that phone in your hands, you know, less dropping, less shattering. The rubber sides of these series cases will provide that more effortless holding experience. After all, your iPhone 12 Pro is not a tiny phone. The cases come in various designs that will fit in your wardrobe with ease.

And we do still live in a Pandemic, so their DEFENSIFY anti-microbial coating that eliminates 99% of bacteria is helpful when trying to stay safe in this Quarantine lifestyle. Better be safe than sorry, both from falling phone or from those dangerous viruses.