7 Best Moto G6 Cases & Covers

7 Best Moto G6 Cases & Covers

Motorola Moto G6 is one of the most popular smartphones that you can buy from the market now. When you use this device, you also need to find the best cover or case for protecting this smartphone in your daily life.

Some recommended protective items are available for all Moto G6 models. But some are just suitable for some models such as Moto G6 Plus or Play.

When browsing the web for suitable cases for your Moto smartphone there are several factors which you could keep in mind before doing the purchase:

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Protection
  • Traction

And in case you are looking for cases with wallets, card holders, kickstands or other extra features you could usually find the right product especially for popular smartphone brands such as Moto.

And please be sure that the cover or case really fits your smartphone in terms of dimensions because often many similar brands and models are available.

As a quick note, in case you’re looking for more suitable cases for your Moto smartphone, you could check out the resource we just mentioned. That’s an extra option which you could visit in addition to our selection below.

These cases are chosen because they can provide strong and durable materials for protecting your Moto G6 device.

1) Sucnakp TPU Moto G6 Case

This case is specially designed to provide a comfortable and natural grip for all users. You can feel comfortable when holding your Motorola Moto G6 phone.

It can provide full edge protection because it is equipped with its shock absorption technology. This case can protect your smartphone from being damaged.

Other features include:

  • Fitting very well, not too tight or loose
  • Anti finger print
  • Easy to clean
  • Full edge protection
  • Easy installation
  • Accurate cutout

It is very easy for you to clean this beautiful case every day. Its anti-fingerprint material can prevent you from leaving your fingerprint on top of this case.

To get this case for your Moto smartphone with less than a $10 price please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BFQZQFX/ (available colors: red, blue, mint green, gray and black)

2) Yiakeng Protective Case with Kickstand

This is another recommended G6 case that you can buy for your device. This case is specially created from the best waterproof material.

At the back and rear sides of this case, you can find its soft TPU inner sleeve and hard plastic shell. All of those materials are specially added to this case, to provide outstanding protection against drops or other impacts.

This Moto G6 case also comes with a foldable kickstand, so you can watch movies, videos, or pictures without using your hands. Some popular color choices are offered by Yiakeng, including blue, green, red, black, purple, or orange.

More specs of this product:

  • Right places for speaker and camera
  • Providing ample traction
  • Soft shock absorption
  • Built-in foldable kickstand
  • Not suitable for Moto G6 Forge and Play

This case is available at Amazon through https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DNPLPQW

3) Spigen Rugged Armor Case

You can read a lot of good reviews about this G6 case. This case is popular among many people because it has shock absorption and also carbon fiber design.

This design is very protective against drops and other impacts.

Its air cushion technology can also increase the ability of this case to protect your phone. You can protect your Moto G6 from being damaged or scratched.

This flexible TPU case also has an interior spider-web pattern and raised lip, so this case can protect your moto G6 screen. Its tactile buttons are added to this case for solid feedback.

Below are some of the specs of this product:

  • Tactile buttons for easy press and solid feedback
  • Shock absorption through Air Cushion Technology
  • Carbon fiber design

More about this product for Moto smartphone at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079LS3T4T

4) OtterBox Commuter Case for Moto G6 Play

If you want to find a good case for your G6 Play phone, you can look at this case. This case has a lightweight design, so you can bring your smartphone easily.

This 2-piece case can offer the best protection against bumps, drops, and also shock. It also has port covers for protecting your ports from debris and dust.

It is made from smooth material, so it can slide in and out of your pockets easily. This reliable case also comes with a limited warranty that is offered by OtterBox.

Please notice that if you also need a screen protector for your phone you should purchase it separately since this case doesn’t provide one.

You can check on its website for learning more about this warranty.

You could purchase this item from https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DWHRM71

5) SupCase Full Body Cover for Moto G6

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from this cover. This item is made from the best TPU and polycarbonate materials.

Both materials are specially used because they can offer good shock absorbance and scratch protection. It can be the best drop defense mechanism for your Moto G6 device. Its built-in screen protector can also prevent scratches without reducing the sensitivity of this device.

This Moto G6 cover also comes with a rotatable holster that can be used to create user-friendly and convenient experience for all users.


  • Rotatable holster
  • Precise cutouts
  • Built-in screen protector
  • 20 foot drop tested

Check out the price or get more information for this Motorola protection cover from https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JLYJKX4 (blue and black colors are available)

6) TUDIA Slim-Fit Dual Layer Case

This is a heavy-duty case that is suitable for most G6 owners. It is specially created to provide extreme protection.

Its raised edges can protect the display screen from being scratched. When the device is placed down, its screen protector can give full protection to this device.

The soft inner TPU material can absorb and disperse the shock of any drops at any time. On the exterior side, you will find its durable polycarbonate shield. This feature can protect your Moto G6 from being scratched.

This case also has a precision-cut design that can align with all controls, ports, and buttons.

To purchase this cover which is available in multiple colors please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BCZ2CFH

7) iCarerCase Moto G6 Leather Wallet Case/Cover

Do you want to find the best Moto G6 case for your device? You can take a look at this case. This case is specially handcrafted from the best faux leather with great stitching feature.

This material can protect the whole device from being scratched or damaged. This Moto G6 case features 3 card slots and a cash compartment.

Therefore, you can store your phone, card, and cash at the same place.

This case also has a kickstand feature, so you can adjust the smartphone in the right position for watching or reading. It’s available in three main color options, including rose gold, black, and brown.

To sum up, main features are as below:

  • Precise cutout for each port
  • Wireless charger support
  • Speaker hold for phone calls
  • Adjustable hands-free kickstand
  • Magnetic closure
  • Slots for cash & credit cards (3 card holders)
  • Made of soft & durable PU leather

To buy this great wallet case for your Motorola phone please check out https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CPPYLPW