Using Web Scraping to Find Micro-influencers

Using Web Scraping to Find Micro-influencers

The entire way businesses market their product today has shifted to social media. Social media influencers for a part of this strategy. These influencers have a direct link to consumers and greatly influence the success of a product or service.

Social media influencers make a good living by doing this and have become relatively expensive to keep as their own following develops. Businesses have turned to micro-influencers to market their products or services.

In order to do this, businesses need an effective Instagram proxy and a good web scraping tool to find and effectively communicate with international micro-influencers.

In this article, we’ll discuss exactly what micro-influencers are and how you can employ automated web scrapers to uncover international micro-influencers on Instagram or any other publicly available top social network sites.

What Is a Micro-influencer?

There are five main types of social media influencers: mega, macro, mid-tier, micro, and nano. Mega influencers are usually celebrities with millions of followers.

Macro-influencers have up to (or more than) one million followers, and some consider them to be celebrities in their own right.

Mid-tier influencers have between 50 000 to 500 000 followers.

Micro-influencers have between one thousand to forty thousand followers; sometimes up to one hundred thousand if their niche is very specific.

Nano-influencers have up to (or fewer than) one thousand followers.

A micro-influencer will post very topical or niche products or services. Followers of these people typically trust them and can easily relate to them. Micro-influencers don’t have a very large following, and they are more affordable than macro-influencers.

The main advantage of using a micro-influencer is that what they promote has a more significant chance of being marketed more effectively due to the large trust factor that these individuals have with their followers. Due to their smaller following, they can engage more readily with followers and establish more intimate relationships.

Web Scraping: Finding the Right Micro-influencer

Social media web scraping is when a residential proxy is used in conjunction with a web scraping tool to complete the automated process of extracting specific data relating to social media accounts, like discovering micro-influencers from a social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

The best place to start and find a micro-influencer is to first look at your business’s social media posts. Suppose a particular person is already posting a lot of feedback regarding your product on your social media platform. In that case, they’re probably already using your product regularly and are more than likely enthusiasts.

Web scraping tools used in conjunction with a residential proxy will allow you to extract international social media data from your product’s followers, such as the bio, the name of the account holder, the person’s number of followers, and so forth.

Web scrapers can additionally extract any information from social media sites, including followers’ choices.

Once you have the data of how many followers your social media business has, you’ll clearly see which types of influencers they are. You’ll also be able to determine if the content they’re posting is agreeable to your marketing strategy, how often they post and to whom, what responses they’re getting from followers, and much more.

For instance, suppose you employ an Instagram proxy (or other social media proxies) with a good web scraping tool. You can quickly find the details of existing followers that might already be micro-influencers to reach out to and connect with.

The Advantages of Using Web Scrapers

Using an Instagram proxy with a reliable web scraper will reveal the best and most active micro-influencers you can employ to market your product or service. Web scraping is the most effective tool companies use today to create an effective marketing strategy.

Micro-influencers are your first contact with prospective buyers and current consumers. You’ll be able to get the most up-to-date information directly from the source. Furthermore, micro-influencers apply the most effective social media trends and can maintain a high level of direct contact with consumers.

The Bottom Line

Gone are the days of old marketing strategies. If you want your business to remain relevant and if you want it to survive in this very competitive market, you’ll need to adapt to the times and invest in a residential social media proxy and a good web scraping tool.

You must use a residential proxy so avoid your IP address getting blocked by the social media platform.

Online marketing, especially on social media, is the most dynamic method to stay ahead of the competition. Today, online marketing and research are pushing the boundaries of efficiency by using web scraping tools, residential proxies, and online influencers to obtain information and connect with their customers.