How to Order a Great Essay on EssayService

How to Order a Great Essay on EssayService

These days many students in college or school are looking for a way to get help for their writing assignments. Here we review one of the best online services for essay writing which is EssayService.

What is

EssayService is a team of professional writers which provide their essay and article writing services online.

Using a well-designed and easy-to-use website, EssayService allows users to get information about the price and process of ordering their essays and guide them through each step.

Their prices start from $10/page and could increase depending on other factors. But the good thing is with providing a price calculator on their website, you could easily know how much you’ll be charged without the hassle of getting a quote through phone or chat, and waste some of your precious time.

What type of essays do they offer?

A variety of essays could be ordered through EssayService website. These include:

Movie/Book reviews

With lots of review writing experience, they could help you with writing a movie or book review. In fact, for many people, such task would make a chore out of a fun process, but that’s not the case when you use the services here.

Speech or presentation

Almost any great speech or presentation needs a professionally written script which isn’t an easy job for lots of people.

But, with EssayService’s team of academic writers, you could be sure that you’ll be provided with a remarkable material for your presentation or speech. And that’s because of their experience in this field along with their exceptional writing skills.

Case study

Many academic or job related situations require writing a professional case study.

Although that might sound like a difficult task – which really is for many without getting help from professional writers -, but when you know that you could count on some skilled writer, your mind is less concerned about the daunting parts and more on the key points.

Research paper

Research papers are common assignments in academic environments. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need lots of time and research to put into.

But the job could be easier when you get help from an online writing service such as EssayService which could complete the task according to your budget and time schedule.

And these are just some of the main kinds of essays and articles which you could order via their website. After checking out their website, you could see that there are a lot more which they offer.


Using EssayService writing services comes with many advantages. Some of them include:

  1. Online chat with your writer
  2. Flexible pricing
  3. Style imitation
  4. Papers with no plagiarism
  5. Professional support team

As you might have notices, some of the above features are really important when ordering an essay.

For instance, no matter how perfect is your essay, as long as it couldn’t pass plagiarism or copyright tests, it couldn’t have much value for you, or even worse, could get you in trouble.

On the other hand, when you get a professional essay which differs a lot with your writing style, it’s really easy for your teacher to tell that it’s not your work. That’s why style imitation is really important.

How essay ordering process works?

In order to make the process as easy as possible for clients, EssayService provides its services through these simple steps:

  • Step 1 – in this step you just need to submit a form including some details and requirements about your essay. The good thing is you could choose the writer since they’ll compete against each other to get your order done by bidding it. Please note that a third of your order sum needs to be deposited before your essay could be written by a writer.
  • Step 2 – after selecting your professional writer, you could contact them via chat to give them more details concerning your essay requirements. Next, you’ll be notified once your essay is complete. But that’s not all because you could lots of revisions until the essay is really what you want.
  • Step 3 – once you’re happy with the job, the fund could be released by you so that the writer is paid completely.

As you could see, it’s super easy and intuitive to order an essay through EssayService website. In fact, their services are among the most popular essay writing services at this time.