How to Convert VOB to MP4 in Mac OS & Windows

How to Convert VOB to MP4 in Mac OS & Windows

VOB (video object) is the file that includes audio and video information of DVD. Converting a VOB file into an MP4 file makes it a lot easier to play and watch DVDs. Here we discuss an easy method for this video file conversion.

DVD (digital video disk) contains many categories of files that include audio, video, chapters, subtitles, menu and much other information related to a file system.

The two most common methods of saving DVD content on a laptop is to either make a DVD image ISO image file and another way is to copy “VIDEO_TS” from DVD root. However, the most efficient method is to change DVD videos to MP4. This article delves into how to transform VOB files to MP4.

Best VOB to MP4 Converter

Ordinarily, conversion to MP4 format from a VOB format without any loss in quality is a time-consuming process. Fortunately, many programs are out there to solve this issue. Wondershare Video Converter is a very popular and advanced application for converting VOB file into an MP4 one. It is all the more efficient because compared to other converters it is faster by a factor of about 30.

The program is supported by Windows (including Windows 10) and Mac OS X.

Some of its best features include:

  1. It can change VOB file system to many other formats such as AVI, MOV and MP4.
  2. It has the option of customizing video files by, copying, adding sound effects, trimming or subtitles.
  3. With this DVD content can be added to the computer without any additional formatting
  4. Download and record videos from a huge variety of video sites (10,000+)
  5. A diverse toolbox with A gif maker, VR converter, as well as a screen recorder

In order to do the VOB/MP4 conversion, simply follow the few steps below:

Step 1: Add the VOB folder to the converter

Install the wondershare converter on the computer and start the program. After that is done, select the convert header at the main upper tab.

A window will emerge asking for the file that has to be converted. The great feature of this converter is that multiple files can be added. Conversion can also be done in batch processes. Add the VOB folder to the software successfully.

Step 2: Choose the MP4 conversion

Choose the triangle icon at the top which says “convert”. Then, click on the format pane and select the video tab. After that, choose the MP4 in the left side tab and choose the video resolution option on the right. That will approve the output conversion format.

Step 3: Start the conversion

Now, the conversion will take place. Select the “convert” option on the right-hand side to convert VOB to MP4.

There is also a free wondershare video converter option for users who are unwilling to loosen their purse strings. This program allows the user to convert those video formats which are common. Its key features include a user-friendly interface, customizing media and a Wondershare player for watching videos.

The steps for conversion are the same as above.

  1. Add the VOB file to the free VOB converter
  2. Select the VOB file and add it to the converter software
  3. Choose MP4 as your format option from the format category
  4. Enable the VOB to MP4 conversion

Whether you choose the paid or the unpaid version, converting files from this software is easy and reliable.

After VOB/MP4 conversion, you could be rest assured that the movie of video files could be easily played on different smartphones, tablets and other media devices including iPad, iPhone, Android phones, etc.