EaseUS Todo Backup Review & Download

EaseUS Todo Backup Review & Download

Coming with great reporting and scheduling features, EaseUS Todo Backup software is one of the few backup products in the market recommended by many experts and software review websites for home and business use.


  • System backup – the best options for many users which worry to lose their system when any problem or disaster happens. This way they could recover their entire operating system in case it got damaged or lost.
  • File backup – no matter the files are photos, documents, movies, music, etc. EaseUS application provides the option to select and backup any specific folders, files, or file types. The task could be set so that it occurs regularly.
  • Disk imaging – the right option for backing up entire disk volume or partition. It’s also useful when speed is of importance since the task target only the parts of data which have been modified versus the entire file. This is especially effective for larger files.
  • Schedule/Incremental/differential/full backup – these are different options for users which give them the ability to do the task however they like. Scheduling offers automatic backup based on specific events (system shutdown, startup, etc.) or based on time (monthly/daily/weekly). Users could also use the ‘incremental’ or ‘differential’ feature to save storage space and time by backing up any modifications since the last backup. The ‘full’ option as the name suggests includes all applications, files, and the operating system.
  • Outlook email backup – the program supports Microsoft Outlook Express and Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003.
  • Compression – most useful when minimum usage of storage space is important, however, using it is optional.
  • System migration – using this feature it’s not required to reinstall Windows in order to migrate system to a SSD.

The EaseUS backing up tool has many great options and capabilities which we mentioned only some of them in above. Other ones include USB 3.0 support, GPT/UEFI compatibility, virtualization support, log reporting, offsite copy, email notification, and so on.


Please note that some features are only available on specific versions of the program. For more info on this please check out price plans below or the official website.

Price plans

There are five editions of the EaseUS application available to purchase and use: Free, Home ($29), Workstation ($39), Server ($199), and Advanced Server ($299).

The ‘Free’ and ‘Home’ versions are more suitable for personal uses. Other ones are mostly used by offices and business clients.

The ‘Free’ edition includes all the basic features such as cloud backup, full or incremental backup, disk clone, MBR & GPT disk support, etc. But for free technical support, offsite copy, email notifications, and Outlook email backup features users need to opt for the ‘Home’ version of the software which is faster in terms of restoring and backing up speeds.

All the usual features such as cloud backup support, disk/partition clone, backup to DVD/CD, differential/full/schedule backup, etc. could be found in all three business versions. For server specific options such as Windows Server (2003/2008/20012) support or restoring PXE network boot users should consider the ‘Server’ version.

‘Advanced Server’ edition includes all previous features along with recovery and backup options for SQL Server and Exchange Server.


This backup software is only available for Windows (XP-10 & Windows Server). The Free trial downloads of the above versions could be found below:

Todo Backup Home: http://download.easeus.com/trial/tbh_trial.exe

Todo Backup Workstation: http://download.easeus.com/trial/tbw_trial.exe

Todo Backup Server: http://download.easeus.com/trial/tbs_trial.exe

Todo Backup Advanced Server: http://download.easeus.com/trial/tbas_trial.exe

The free version of the software (with basic options) could be downloaded here: http://www.todo-backup.com/products/home/download.htm