AdGuard vs AdBlock Review & Comparison

AdGuard vs AdBlock Review & Comparison

AdGuard and AdBlock are two of the best ad blockers available on the market. Here we review and compare these popular browser extensions to help you choose the right one.

Doesn’t it annoy you when you are just scrolling through a website or an app and having your good time and an add pops up, and then another and then another and it keeps on happening. Of course, it annoys you as it annoys every single person who experiences these, and it makes you so annoyed that all you want to do is just find a way to stop it.

What if there was a way out? Wouldn’t you take it? Obviously yes, well, AdGuard and AdBlock do the same, they block the ads from popping up on your screen and save you the trouble of going through various ads and end up getting annoyed. The ads not only annoy someone but somehow they aren’t safe and have the ability to invade into your privacy.

These ads actually show on your devices depending on a lot of factors and also are controlled by various algorithms. Websites you visit and the products you view are something that should be your personal choice but these websites store your preferences as information.

And it is then that the ads show up depending upon your location, your gender and a lot of other factors. In order to help you get rid of the ads, there are these two options that you can choose from. But, the next question is how do you choose one and why? Well, we have got you covered and here is a comparative analysis of AdGuard vs AdBlock based on a few determining factors like usage, pricing, features, compatibility, and several others.

Price comparison

The AdBlock and the AdGuard both have their own free versions but the features of free version of AdGuard nothing in front of the AdBlock. The AdBlock Plus is free to download and most people prefer it over the free version of the AdGuard.

While AdGuard has three prime versions with three different licenses namely the one that supports only Android, then comes the standard one which supports Mac and windows, and the last one is the Premium one which supports all of them. If you are someone who wants to use an ad blocker for free then AdBlock Plus stands as the best option for you to use.

Comparison of features

The first thing to understand is that the AdBlock is an extension that can be added in browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. but the AdGuard is an application for Mac, Windows, and Android. Both of these products are going to stop the websites from tracking your information through cookies and also ensure that you don’t receive pop-up ads.

The blocking of pop-up ads is not only a relief but it also ensures less data consumption on your device. The loading time of a website gets reduced as well because there aren’t going to be any ads to load. Both these products are equally capable of boosting your security and setting limits for websites to invade into your privacy.

They can block all the malicious entities that the advertisers sometimes use and also make the attempts to get your sensitive security details to fail miserably.

The difference lies in the functioning as the AdBlock actually is an extension to a browser while the AdGuard is an application. Using AdGuard can ensure you that the various websites can’t even send ads on the multiple applications that you use on your phone.

This is something that  AdBlock is not capable of doing and is bound by its limits of being an extension to various browsers. You can also customize the strictness of these blockers in case you want t view a few relevant ads as well.

The analysis of value vs price

People consider using AdBlock over AdGuard mainly because AdBlock is free to use and is equally effective as compared to the paid version of the AdGuard.

The only advantage that AdGuard has more effective is the ability to stop the ads on various applications as well when compared to AdBlock.

This analysis only makes it clear that both these products are comparable and AdGuard has a marginal extra advantage than the AdBlock. But for that little margin, paying a price seems unrealistic to many and AdBlock is preferred by more people as compared to AdGuard.


It is advisable to at least first start using one of these and to start with you can download the AdBlock Plus for free and start using it.

If you may then want to try out the AdGuard to experience the similar safe browsing and usage on your different apps you can buy it. Both these blockers are equally credible in the work that they are supposed to do.

It totally depends on your perception of how you choose to see it. The first and foremost step of yours should be to stop the usage of your privacy by various websites to sell things to you. The AdGuard has the advantage of being able to be used as the one application that can govern all the ads that try to annoy you on any platform or application.

The AdBlock only helps you till the time you are browsing on your browser. But the ball is completely in your court and the decision is yours to make.