Lamborghini Hoverboard Review & Price

Lamborghini Hoverboard Review & Price

Lamborghini is known for the fact that it creates amazing supercars. But the reality is that they are also selling quite a lot of other accessories. And the Lamborghini Hoverboard is a very good example in this regard.

This unique hoverboard that they are selling is designed to handle all kinds of terrain and it’s definitely a cool one to use.

Features and performance

What you will like from the start is its unique set of details and visuals. The design is cool and the product does a very good job at offering great value and quality.

On top of that, the product itself is designed to bring in a lot of performance.

It has 2 times more power than most hoverboards on the market. And to make it even better, this is also a very large unit.

That alone makes it super easy to maneuver and it helps a lot if you want to move around and just use this at your own pace.

The stability is great because the hoverboard is large and you can move around all the time. It’s definitely very impressive to use such a hoverboard, especially when it has Bluetooth speakers integrated in it.

This is a feature that many units don’t have, so it’s quite interesting and a pleasure to use, exactly what you would expect from a product like this. The IP54 water resistance makes it particularly impressive and useful, and we found it to work great even on slippery surfaces.

That’s mostly due to the all season tire approach. This has great stopping power, traction and it helps you use the hoverboard even in light snow.

That rarely happens with such products, which makes it a very solid investment and a wonderful unit you do not want to miss.

So, as an overview for main features of this product:

  • First hoverboad SUV designed and made by Lamborghini
  • Up to 32 MPH top speed
  • Up to 15 degree max climbing
  • 32 miles range (when fully charged)
  • 5″ wheel 400W motor power
  • Smartphone app (available for iPhone and Android devices) enabling users to control their hoverboard from with their mobile phones or tablets and to choose from 3 different riding modes

Battery life

What you will notice is that the battery life is not super long, despite its size. Maybe it’s the size that drags it down.

But it will bring you 10-15 miles in total. Sometimes more, it depends where you use it, if you go uphill it will need more power. But for the most part this delivers a great experience and you will appreciate the true value and quality that it brings to the table all the time.

Is it worth the money?

The Lamborghini Hoverboard is around $300 or more, depending on the retailer. It’s not overly expensive, considering the price of most hoverboards out there.

And it does include some great features like the integrated Bluetooth speakers. But what we really like is how durable and reliable it really is.

This works amazingly well and it certainly brings in front a great array of benefits. It works super nicely, it’s adaptable and the best part is that you can learn how to use it fast.

To get more information about this cool self-balancing scooter or purchase it you could check out: (Available colors: yellow, orange, carbon fiber and black)

Lamborghini Hoverboard’s safety features are great and the size of this product itself makes it really impressive and handy at the same time. Yes it will take a bit of time to get used to this, but if you use it properly you will enjoy it a lot. So, why not give it a try?