Dareway Revolution Scooter Review

Dareway Revolution Scooter Review

Dareway Revolution is the new upright ride on scooter for kids by Famosa. It was in 2014 that a scooter which was similar to Segway but for kids, or the original Dareway scooter, was released with lots of ads running on TV and online.

Based on the scooter’s sales, the product has been very successful. Maybe that’s why the manufacturer has introduced its successor, the Dareway Revolution as the new version.

dareway-revolution-handleTo provide a riding experience much more comfortable compared to the previous product, users could choose from three levels to adjust the handle of the new scooter. This option is especially helpful when considering the various sizes of different children, or the fact that as time passes and the kid grows the toy could still be usable for them. And the scaled down handle could also imply the more professional and less protective feature of the product.

The right and left buttons on the toy could be used to control the device. And kids could make it move forward by pushing the pedal. Going reverse is also possible by pushing both buttons.

Other features could be found below.

Scooter Features

  • 40% more speed – The maximum speed of the Dareway Revolution hasn’t been specified clearly by the company. But it should be around 5 mph, since the previous Dareway has a speed of 3.7 mph.
  • Height adjustments (3 levels) – this feature was discussed before in this article.
  • Power meter – Now with a power meter that shows how much battery power is left through different levels of red, yellow and green, kids could better know when it’s time to recharge the scooter.dareway-revolution-iphone-holder
  • Speakers and MP3/iPhone holder – using the speakers and audio jack connection, kids could listen to their favorite track on their iPhone or MP3 player while riding the scooter.
  • Electric brake
  • Foot accelerator
  • Dual-motor ride-on – 360-degree turns is made possible with this feature, as it was with the original Dareway model.
  • Tires rubber grips – another new feature to make the riding experience smoother and also ensure more traction.

Also included in the box other than the scooter (which should be assembled with the user) is a 12V rechargeable battery.

Please remember that it is recommended to give the toy to children who are at least 6 years old and weighs 88 pounds as a maximum.

Where to buy & price

dareway-revolution-scooterTo buy the Dareway Revolution scooter users could check out Toys”R”Us website. At the time of writing this review, the product has been listed with the price tag of $249.99.

Toys”R”Us has also the older version of the Dareway toy for sale and it costs $199.99 to purchase it. Although this model could be bought for cheaper prices such as $179.98 from Walmart.

But as the user ratings and scores on this website and other review websites suggest, it could be concluded that the older version is still more popular despite of extra features and options offered with the Dareway Revolution.

So it might be a better choice to select the previous model of Dareway especially if it would be the child’s first experience of having a scooter. That’s because riding the Revolution model might need more skill and experience because of the new design and more speed.

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