Clear TV Key Antenna Review

Clear TV Key Antenna Review

Many people save lots of money by canceling their cable subscription and using Clear TV Key Antenna to receive and watch HD channels such as ABC, FOX, NBC, and more for free. The Clear TV setup is very easy and fast and everyone could do it.

Read on to learn about Clear TV Antenna to learn if this product is working as expected and worth the money.

How Clear TV Key works?

Those old rabbit ears might still be remembered by many people who first hear of this Clear TV Antenna. Well, although these two are very similar but there is one big difference: Clear TV Key is designed and made to receive digital signals and hence for watching digital TV channels, whereas those old antennas were only able to capture analog signals.


So in short, the job of Clear TV is to gather digital signals transmitted by broadcast stations over the air and prepare them to display the channels on TV screen.

It’s important to know that all channels were required to be switched from analog to digital by broadcasters as of 2009. The main advantage of digital channels is that they could provide better picture quality compared to analog ones.

What are Clear TV channels?

Simply, Clear TV enables users to watch broadcast TV channels. These include PBS, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, etc. So, TV series and shows like America’s Got Talen, The Tonight Show, Law & Order, and hundreds of other programs could be watched through this digital antenna.

But in order to watch channels by premium networks (such as HBO, Lifetime, Disney Channel, TNT, and others) which are not broadcasted through the air, a cable subscription is still needed which could be obtained through Comcast, COX, Charter, Uverse, etc.

So in the case the channels watched by a user is merely those offered by broadcast networks it’s a very good choice to use Clear TV instead of an expensive cable access.


But in addition to Clear TV, a digital converter box is necessary for those with TV sets made before 2007. That’s because those systems doesn’t have the required equipment to use the digital signals. And also for areas not close to transmission towers (such as rural areas) it may be helpful to consider getting a signal amplifier as well.


It costs about $20 plus $8 P&H to get the Clear TV Key through the official website of the producer. The website also has a ‘Get One, Buy One’ offer which provides two TV HD antennas for the price of one (and two shipping fees added).

But it’s cheaper to buy the antenna through retailers which have the product listed. For instance, Amazon has this antenna for sale at $15.99.


Many people might think of Clear TV as scam. The main reason is that there are many negative comments and complaints about Clear TV product around the web. Most of these revolve around common issues such as the product being low quality, not working as advertised (e.g. very few channels, poor signal strength, etc.), refund problems and unsatisfactory customer service.

But the main problem is that most of these customers didn’t consider the main fact about this product before buying: this is only an antenna. Not a digital box, not an amplifier, and not a cable TV box. So if the main functionality of the device is understood many of these complaints would be gone.