How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode/Password

How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode/Password

It is very common that most users set a passcode or password for their iPhone in order to prevent unauthorized access to their phones. But what should we do in case we couldn’t remember it? Here we discuss some working methods to unlock iPhone passcode which works for iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus/SE/5C/5S/5/4S/4/3GS/3.

Other than entering the password, one way to unlock the iPad or iPhone is restoring the device to the original factory settings. But it should be remembered that after this action, all iPhone data will be deleted. So it is better to back up the iPhone data before the factory settings restore.

iPhone data backup/recovery

dr-fone-versionsIn order to perform a data backup on an iOS device, users could take use of a powerful software called ‘Wondershare Dr. Fone’. The program is available to download for Windows and Mac. It helps user recover lost data (due to iOS 9 upgrade, jailbreak, device loss, or deletion) on their phone or back up all data on their computer in a reliable and safe way.

Follow these steps to learn how to back up iPhone/iPad data:

Step 1. The first step is running the software. In this tutorial the Windows version have been used. Users could see the window below after connecting the device to their computer. As it is shown here, ‘Deleted Data’ and ‘Existing Data’ on the device could be selected for the recovery. Based on the needed categories, users could select whatever data type they prefer to have its backup on their system despite forgetting their iPhone passcode and being unable to unlock the device.


Step 2. After clicking on the ‘Start Scan’ button, the locked Apple device will be scanned for the data on it. While scanning, users could see a preview of the found data such as videos, images, etc. on the screen.


Step 3. Once the scan is completed, all data which was found could be previewed. All of this iPhone/ iPad data or some part of it (which could be selected item by item) could be marked for recovery/backup. After choosing all needed items, the button with ‘Recover to Computer’ should be clicked.


As it is obvious from above steps, it’s very easy to recover otherwise inaccessible (due to forgotten passcode) data to the computer. Now it’s time to unlock the device itself by restoring it.

Restoring the iPhone factory settings

The following instructions are the official steps provided by apple to restore the factory settings of an iOS device:

  • Connect the iPhone/iPad to the laptop or desktop computer.
  • When the iTunes application is launched, the iPhone or iPad should be selected from the sidebar. Next, the ‘Summary’ tab should be clicked.
  • To check if the device has the latest version of the iPhone or iPad software, users should click ‘Check for Update’.
  • By clicking the ‘Restore’ button in this step, in order to complete the process of the restore, users should follow the instructions shown on the screen. iPhone/iPad backup is recommended during the restore process which was discussed above.
  • After the device restore is complete, users could choose to recover their device content such as music, images, videos, app data, and so on from a backup. Or they could simply set up their device as a new iPhone or iPad.

Some methods include using Apple Siri which may or may not work on some iPhones depending on the iOS version. But the above method is one of the most safe and reliable methods to unlock iPhone without losing data.

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