How to Get More YouTube Views

How to Get More YouTube Views

Many people are making money out of their channels on YouTube. So, the more views they get on their videos, the more they earn. Here we present some tips and methods to increase views on YouTube videos.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet – although, exclusively for videos. It is used for education, entertainment, and promotion purposes mostly. You can find almost any video about any subject that you can think of on YouTube. For the past couple of years, YouTube has become a very popular money making platform on the internet.

Making money by using YouTube is very easy for people and very practical because they can manage their time, they can decide about the concept of their work and basically, it gives people a sense of freedom and creativity.

Some people make educational videos, some make short films. Lots of different videos are uploaded on YouTube every day.

Another type of creating a video is called vlog. Vlogging has become very popular for the past couple of years. It doesn’t need any skill since the vlogger is mostly recording themself going about their day.

So to upload a video on YouTube you don’t need to be graduated from film school. You only need your camera and Wi-Fi and you can become a YouTuber.

But to become a successful YouTuber you have to put a lot more effort into your videos.

How does it work

Basically, people make different types of videos and upload them on their channel. The more views they get on a video the more money the can get from it.

That is why it is a very important subject for YouTubers to increase their viewers. There are many tips, many ways that any YouTuber can use to increase their viewers.

Here are some of those ways:

1) Find your niche

The first thing that you need to do before making any videos is to make some preparations. One thing that is going to help you greatly is when your content has a theme of its own.

It is important for you to find your niche. What is it that you want to create? Find out if you want to educate, entertain, vlog, or all together. Try to narrow it down to a reasonable point.

For example, you can decide to create a channel to educate new writers about writings and in addition to that, you can use your other abilities to keep your viewer on your platform. For instance, if you have a good sense of humor, you can educate about writing and add some funny bits and pieces to keep your audience interested.

2) Plan your content

After you know what you are going to create videos about, you need to come up with a plan. You don’t need to plan everything. You want to get as creative as possible especially with entertaining videos. But having a plan is going to keep you focused on your niche and your goal.

Remember that in this age people will view a video that can grab their attention really fast. Usually after 3 seconds in a video, if a person is not hooked then he/she is going to move on to some other videos.

You can check that yourself next time you are scrolling through your social media. So plan accordingly. You need content that grabs your viewer’s attention real fast.

3) Use catchy titles

It is very important for you to have proper titles. Make sure that your title is related to the content that you are offering. Having great content can help you when people are searching for similar subjects.

4) Thumbnail picture

When people search for a video lots of different videos will pop up. For example, if someone is looking for writing tips many different videos from the different channel will appear.

People tend to click on videos with catchier thumbnail pictures. Make sure that you put enough effort into making a great quality thumbnail picture.

5) Join viral trends

This is not everyone’s favorite tip but depending on the genre of your videos this can be useful for you. Many viral trends are going on and many more will go on in the future, if it’s appropriate, join that trend. This is your chance to make sure new people are going to view your channel or your videos.

6) Guest YouTubers

One of the best ways to get more viewers is to bring a guest YouTuber. Find someone within your niche community and invite them to be in your videos.

It helps you more when you collaborate with successful YouTubers. Because when they promote your channel even one time, it is going to have a huge effect on the number of your viewers which is your goal.

7) Promote your channel on social media

To promote your YouTube channel and increasing your viewers you can promote your videos on your social media. Write about your work, post pictures of behind the scenes, post small parts of your videos and share the link to the whole video on your YouTube channel. Remember that you should never stop promoting your channel.

Always be present and always remind your followers about your videos. Another thing you can do to promote your YouTube channel on social media is to post about your upcoming videos. Promote them in advance.

There are many more ways that you can use to increase the viewers on your YouTube channel. You could learn more by visiting YTMonster, for instance.

Use every method that you can. Find your target audience and find out how you can create content that they will enjoy.