Overwatch Level and Ranking System Explained

Overwatch Level and Ranking System Explained

Many players are often confused about how the Overwatch level system and ranking work. In this guide, we will explain what Overwatch levels, rankings, and portraits are, and how they work.

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a first-person shooter game for teams set in a varied and futuristic universe. The story includes a number of heroes with different set of skills and histories. They band together to preserve the world from various threats.

The goal varies depending on the game mode. But it often involves duties such as conquering control locations, escorting payloads, or guarding vital areas.

While the gameplay is exciting and fast-paced, the allure of Overwatch extends beyond the action to its advancement system. It adds layers of depth and personalization to the gaming experience.

How Overwatch player level works?

The player level is at the heart of Overwatch’s advancement system. This is a numerical representation of a player’s gaming experience and time invested.

You’ll start at level 1 when you first start playing Overwatch. You get experience points (XP) for leveling up as you play matches in both Quick Play and Competitive Play.

These XP are earned through numerous in-game activities like as completing goals, doing damage, healing, and playing a match.

When you level up, your player level increases by one and you receive a loot box as a reward. Loot boxes are a hallmark of Overwatch’s advancement system. They feature a range of cosmetic goodies including as skins, emotes, sprays, voice lines, and more.

By collecting these items players could customize their favorite heroes and showcase their unique style on the battlefield.

What are Overwatch player portraits and borders?

One of the most visible aspects of the Overwatch level system is the player portrait. As you reach certain milestones in player level, your portrait’s border evolves, signifying your dedication to the game. These borders are displayed around your player icon and are visible to other players in the game.

Typically, player portraits and borders change every 10 levels, up to level 100. After level 100, borders change every 100 levels. For instance, reaching level 200 will grant you a unique border, and this pattern continues as you progress.

These evolving portraits and borders serve as a badge of honor for veteran players and allow others to quickly gauge the experience of their teammates and opponents.

Competitive play ranks

In addition to the player level, Overwatch features a distinct ranking system for its Competitive Play mode. Competitive Play allows players to test their skills in a more organized and competitive environment, with the ultimate goal of climbing the ranks and improving their competitive skill rating (SR).

Competitive Play ranks are divided into several tiers, each with its own distinct name and icon:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Diamond
  6. Master
  7. Grandmaster

Players are initially placed in one of these ranks after completing their placement matches. Your performance in Competitive Play matches, including wins and losses, will cause your SR to fluctuate. Climbing the ranks requires consistent victories and effective teamwork, while losing games can result in a lower rank.

Achieving a higher rank in Competitive Play not only reflects your skill level but also grants you competitive points (CP) at the end of each competitive season. These points can be used to purchase golden weapons for specific heroes, adding a unique touch to your favorite characters.

How to climb ranks in Overwatch?

Overwatch has a unique rating system called Competitive Play for those looking for a more competitive experience. In this mode, players compete in matches to advance up the competitive ladder and improve their competitive skill rating (SR).

Climbing the ranks requires consistent victories and effective teamwork, while losing games may lead to a lower rank. Achieving higher ranks not only reflects your skill level but also rewards you with competitive points (CP) at the end of each competitive season.

CP can be used to purchase golden weapons for specific heroes, allowing players to showcase their prowess with style.

Endorsement system and rewards

To foster a positive and cooperative community, Overwatch introduced the Endorsement system. Players can endorse others for their sportsmanship, teamwork, or shot calling at the end of a match. As you receive endorsements, you accumulate an endorsement level, which serves as a reflection of your in-game behavior.

Higher endorsement levels lead to more rewards, such as loot boxes and additional cosmetic items. This system encourages players to maintain a positive and sportsmanlike attitude while playing, ultimately enhancing the overall Overwatch experience.


The Overwatch level and ranks system adds depth and motivation to the game beyond its exciting gameplay. As players progress through the levels and ranks, they are rewarded with loot boxes, prestigious portraits, and the opportunity to compete in Competitive Play at increasingly challenging tiers. Additionally, the Endorsement system promotes a cooperative and friendly gaming environment.