Educational Apps for Teacher Professional Development

Educational Apps for Teacher Professional Development

Teachers are required to stay up-to-date with the newest developments in the area of education. Professional development, which may take many forms, such as seminars, conferences, and online courses, is one method teachers can use for their professional growth.

In recent years, educators have discovered that using educational applications is a popular and practical approach to participate in professional development. In this post, we’ll examine and assess the performance of some of the most well-liked educational applications for teacher professional growth.

Educational Apps For Teacher’s Professional Development

1. Edmodo

Teachers may build an online classroom and engage with students and other educators using the software Edmodo. Lesson plans, tests, and videos, among other materials, are accessible through the app.

Teachers can use this platform to make learning fun for their students. Students can outsource their boring writing work to the best essay writers reviewed by LetsGradeIt and engage with Edmodo to learn. Although Edmodo has the potential to be a helpful resource for professional growth, several users have complained about the app’s dependability and the caliber of its material.

2. Khan Academy

A free educational program called Khan Academy gives users access to hundreds of videos and lectures on various topics, including math, physics, and the humanities. Teachers may use the app to design personalized learning routes for their students, monitor progress, and give comments.

Khan Academy also provides online courses and seminars for professional development. Although the app has earned praise for its thorough information and user-friendly UI, some users have complained about technical difficulties and lengthy loading times.

3. Duolingo

The language-learning program Duolingo makes learning a new language enjoyable and interesting by utilizing gamification. Teachers who want to enhance their language abilities can access various interactive classes and activities through the app.

Duolingo also provides a tool that enables teachers to design their own language-learning curricula and monitor their students’ progress. While learning languages using Duolingo, students can also look at the best translation services reviewed by TranslationReport to translate any urgent documents they need.

Although the program has earned praise for its novel method of teaching languages, several users have bemoaned its small language selection and dearth of sophisticated features.

4. Coursera

An online learning portal called Coursera provides programs and credentials from the best colleges and universities across the globe. Access to thousands of courses in a range of disciplines, including business, computer science, and the humanities, is offered through the platform.

In addition, Coursera provides educators with opportunities for professional growth, such as online courses and certificates. Although the site has earned praise for its excellent content and flexible learning alternatives, some customers have complained about the exorbitant cost of the courses and the convoluted design.

5. TED-Ed

An educational program called TED-Ed gives users access to hundreds of videos covering various topics, including science, technology, and the arts. With the help of the software, teachers may design their own unique classes utilizing the video library and other materials from TED-Ed.

In addition, TED-Ed provides materials for teachers’ professional development, such as seminars and webinars, which is very helpful for educators on all levels. Although the app has garnered praise for its interesting and educational material, some users have bemoaned its narrow subject selection and dearth of sophisticated capabilities.

Overall, educational apps may be a helpful tool for teacher professional development since they give educators access to materials, training, and seminars that can keep them abreast of the most recent changes and developments in the field of education. Before using an app in professional development plans, it is crucial to assess the efficacy and dependability of each one carefully.

When choosing apps for education, teachers should also take into account their own learning preferences and styles, as some applications may work better for some people than others.

Concluding thoughts

As a result, even while educational applications might be a helpful tool for teacher professional development, they shouldn’t be the sole approach. Together with educational apps, live workshops, conferences, and online courses provide beneficial options for professional development. By including a variety of professional development resources, teachers can stay up-to-date.

A note about the author – Jodi Williams

Jodi Williams is an educator. She has many years of experience in both teaching and teacher training. Her personal passion is integrating technology with the education sector to improve systems and experiences for both students and teachers. In her spare time, Jodi likes to explore emerging technologies to understand their real-world applications.