Top 5 Blockchain Startups to Watch for in 2019

Top 5 Blockchain Startups to Watch for in 2019

Despite the recent ups and downs in prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and related topics have always been attractive subjects for tech lovers. Here we present our list for top startups in the field of blockchain technology which is one of the most popular trends these days.

The 21st century has seen a rapid rise in the blockchain industry. It is now one of the trendiest tech words today even though experimentation with large-scale distribution is in its early stages.

The continuous advancement of small blockchain firms have led to serious improvements. These improvements are poised to transform the world. This year, we have seen diverse application rise in security, transparency, and elimination of extra intermediaries.

The startups are capable of solving world tech challenges in both the humanitarian and private sectors. They are reliable developments in our world that should earn recognition and dependency. Some of them push for humanitarian aid to refugees among other important duties around the world.

These solutions are needed and useful to humankind in various locations and situations. The growing number of startups taking on blockchain technology signifies where the world is headed in a few years’ time. Many of them are exploring confidently how to harness and manage the power of blockchain technology for a range of different purposes.

Here are some of the diverse blockchain startups today:

1. Elastos

Since its launch at the beginning of the current century, Elastos is one of the biggest companies in blockchain industry of China.

Currently, it is building a secure new operating system to make digital assets easy to identify. The startup has millions of code lines, which indicates its seriousness about preparing for the future. Actually, it is working on a system to establish its independence in the global market.

This project will turn digital assets rare, identifiable, and easy-to trade with in time. The team is dedicated to make what the world has yet to see. This is their driving force as they focus on the next level of technology.

The company is working on an application that will operate on a secure network with controlled privileges. This idea will change how we access movie, and images.

2. AuditChain

The company has worked to reduce rate of fraud in the industry, which is a major concern for many stakeholders. Malicious partners and dishonest players in the industry have costed blockchain industries in most countries.

Auditchain has set our record by developing a system that notifies all members involved in a transfer on real time basis. Also, members in the channel of transfer have to individually initiate initiate tranfers from their accounts.

The long verification process has closed doors to fraud and other insecurities in the industry. Besides an effective accounting system, the company doubles as an auditing company.

The company formation is on legal basis. It is a reliable system hence the quick rise of the company in the market.

3. ExsulCoin

ExsulCoin is a blockchain startup, which uses advanced features to solve the persistent problem of global refugees. Its relevance to the support of humanitarian work has made it top of the list of the most important blockchain startups.

It brings on board a comprehensive and efficient system, which is customized to focus on specific firms that deal with the cryptocurrency to choose suitable projects. Individuals with ExsulCoin cryptocurrency may nominate and vote for projects.

They also have a right to fund them. This platform will be combining user reputation to ensure the realization of trusted transactions and transparent interactions. With this commitment, ExculCoin will generate employment opportunities, education facilities, and many other mechanisms to address challenges of people living in war stricken areas.

The project is set for completion before the end of 2018.


DADI (Decentralized Architecture for Democratic Internet) is among the top blockchain startups. This startup is set to launch the foundations for a new form of online connections.

The new Internet will be safer, fairer, and faster compared to the current level of events as they stand. Large tech companies will no longer control the services and this means they will be extremely cheap. The network will be based on a peer-to-peer design built on block technology using fog computing.

This means you will be benefiting from the spare computing power in your home or business for cheap and safe environments. The use of central data centers shall make DADI 60% cheaper than all existing infrastructure.

By January, the group had raised $30 million in what took the record as the largest UK early-stage funding process. DADI promises that once successful, 85% will return to the public, who will co-own the network. The network is an initiative of experts with experience in top technical roles. They have worked with BBC, Barclays, Diesel, Renault, and Nike among other huge companies to accrue a wealth of experience and knowledge.

5. Filmchain

Although Filmchain has minimal presence at the moment, it is set to be a big name in blockchain projects.

It aims at promoting filmmakers who need automated gathering of revenue collected by films and diving between participants.

Since the film industry is set to thrive in future, it hopes to increase transparence and efficiency among the participants.  In its early stages of formation, filmchain got the attention of the big names supporting it. They included professionals and experience names such as Big Couch, Innovate UK, and Imperial College London.

Although it has taken quite long before setting off, Filmchain is set to be a big name of the future.