Top 5 US Cities for Tech Startups

Top 5 US Cities for Tech Startups

Tech startups usually come to mind with the phrase “Silicon Valley”, and surrounding areas, but there are many places to start or run a business or startup in the United States. In this article we take a look (techalook!) at some of the best places for following entrepreneurship dreams. The major factors considered were funding, state tax, business launching expenses, the cost of living, abundant of workforce and so on.

No.1: Miami, Florida


If you want to start your business in a place that is a main hub for finance and commerce, and has a business community that goes beyond national limits (you could see the largest number of international banks in the US concentrated at one place in the Brickell Avenue), then Miami is your number one choice.

Not only has Miami a fast population growth, but it has also a diverse population, and both two of these features among others help lots of entrepreneurial activities be done in the city.

New tech startups could use services of various Miami incubators such as Venture Hive or Miami Entrepreneurship Center which provide work places for low prices or free.

No.2: Austin, Texas


There are many reasons to launch or run a startup in Austin, including: you pay no corporate or individual income tax, the cost of living is low, the unemployment is also low, and about forty percent of the residents hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

The main focus of new startups in Austin is technology but other sectors growing as well such as digital media and green energy.

Many well know companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, HP, AMD, Paypal, Cisco Systems, RetailMeNot, Hostgator, and Oracle have major operations in Austin.

No.3: Atlanta, Georgia


With about half of the adult population (aged 25 years or more) having at least a bachelor’s degree, Atlanta boasts a well-educated community which makes the city a great place for startup and tech business activities.

Two of the major incubators of the state are Georgia State University and Georgia Tech, and they both have great entrepreneurial programs.

The nickname has been given to Atlanta is Silicon Peach because of its growing tech and IT sector containing software development, data processing and more.

Several major companies are headquartered in Atlanta including The Home Depot, Coca-Cola, UPS and Delta Airlines.

No.4 Nashville, Tennessee


Other than its famous ranking for music recording and production, and the fact that about 300 healthcare companies are located there, Nashville has recently been a great place for tech entrepreneurs.

Businesses pay no state tax in Nashville. Also there are supporting centers like Nashville Business Incubation Center which offers loans and funding to new startups. This help could sometimes take as long as 5 years for some businesses.

A community of young entrepreneurs constantly keeps growing by graduates who are coming out of several important colleges and universities of the city, and want to start their own businesses.

No.5: Omaha, Nebraska


Most large cities might offer great resources for new businesses but at an expensive price. But that’s not the case for Omaha since its living and business launching costs aren’t so high, although it is the largest city of Nebraska State. There are many accelerators and funding institutions in Omaha to help tech startups launch and grow.

LinkedIn, Paypal and First Data are among the several top tech firms which operate from Omaha or have headquarters located there.

And don’t forget that Omaha is the hometown of Warren Buffet who is known as one of the world richest people.