Ingramer Review: Instagram Marketing Tools

Ingramer Review: Instagram Marketing Tools

These days lots of individuals and businesses use Instagram on daily basis and for different business or marketing purposes. That’s why having access to a comprehensive toolkit, such as Ingramer, for their marketing activities plays a big role in achieving their business goals. Here we review this useful Instagram toolkit.

What is Ingramer?

As a mix of different Instagram tools, Ingramer could be used to automate most actions on Instagram (such as posting, following, liking, etc.).

Plus, it provides additional online services for viewing and downloading profile and content of IG accounts.

So, as you could see, Ingramer is more than your usual Instagram bot. Many of your Instagram marketing needs could be done faster and easier through this online tool.


You could find lots of different options and features when accessing website. Here we discuss some of the key features:

Hashtag generator

Many users find it difficult to find and use hashtags for their IG posts. But no matter what’s your niche, you could find hashtags which are trending, using this tool. But beware of spamming since some of the generated hashtags could be considered so by the social networking service.

Auto direct message

Instead of using your phone to interact with your audience or clients, which is sometimes tiresome, you could use this service on your Mac or PC.

Another great thing about this feature is that it’s working for any accounts you have on Instagram. That means, no more repetitive login and logout for each account is necessary, because of all of them could be managed through this tool.

These functions are available when you access the dashboard:

  • Fast replies
  • Customer status notes
  • Chat labels
  • User details (e.g. phone, address, and so on)
  • Profile information sidebar
  • Message search

Auto follow

Depending on your targeted users, locations, or hashtags, additional accounts could be followed automatically for you by Ingramer.

As you could see, this is something which is provided by many IG bots out there. The advantage of this technique over other methods (such as auto liking, etc.) is that if the content is remarkable and other users share your interests, they’re more likely to follow you after you follow them.

Auto like

It’s a very similar feature to the auto follow tool. The main difference is that here the tool use a list of usernames, locations, or hashtags to like other accounts automatically.

You could get more followers for your account when you use this Ingramer tool too. That’s because, when you content is interesting for someone, and they see that you’ve already liked their posts – which causes a notification to be sent to them – it’s more likely that they follow your account as well.

Post planner

When you want to post stories, carousels, videos, or photos, you could use Ingramer to schedule posting them for you.

The task is very easy. Just add your content, no matter what type it is. Then add your hashtags and captions. Locations could be added too. Then, at your desired time which has been set by yourself, the publication for the post will be done by the Ingramer service.

Profile viewer

In case you’d like to check and analyze some Instagram accounts without logging in to IG, you could take advantage of Instagram profile viewer option of Ingramer.

All you need is an Instagram ID and then you could check out the profile along with posts without needing any fake account.

Just remember that using this tool you could only access Instagram profiles which are public.


When it comes to the costs, Ingramer offers its users a flexible pricing plan.

In other terms, users could pay depending on the tools and modules they want to use. These modules include hashtag generator, scheduled posting, bulk DM, and promo.

There are 3 subscription periods: 2 weeks, one month and 3 months.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a beginner who just want to grow your audience or a professional influencer who want to reach more people in your niche, Ingramer could help you automate many of your Instagram marketing activities. As a result, you could do more tasks in less amount of time, giving you more free time to produce great content for your audience.