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The battle royale game genre has been revolutionized since Fortnite became popular among professional game players around the world. Millions of users play Fortnite every day, and that’s why game items such as free Fortnite skins are so popular these days. is among numerous websites which claim to offer free skins for the game.

To keep players engaged, the Fortnite shop comes with new weapons, skins, and other items each time an update is released by the developers. Many players really want the new skins which are sometimes hard to gain. These skins are normally obtainable through the gameplay but sometimes involve hard tasks through the battlefield.

Another possible way to get these skins is through the item shop which of course involves spending money.

That’s why many Fortnite fans seek to find free and easy methods to get their hands on these cool and popular skins for the game so that their character could get a little more flair.

And with so many websites claiming to provide players with free items for the game, the situation has become much more complicated.

What is Fortgag?

Users could take up surveys in Fortgag and in return the website offers them free skins for the game. It’s that simple.

One of the interesting things about Fortgag is that it includes new skins available through Fortnite Season 3 update such as the Aquaman skin. Also, you could find the Deadpool or other popular Fortnite skins as well.

Is it legit? is rather new, so there isn’t much information about it on the web. On the other hand, many users who try to verify their claim by completing offers or surveys, aren’t rewarded any free skin, so that could be a problem.

In fact, it’s much recommended that in order to get game items such as skins or else, the official Item store of Fortnite should be used.

How to get free skins for Fortnite from Fortgag?

These are the steps which are needed when you want to do the job done through

  1. You could use a smartphone or tablet to begin since a laptop or PC might not be an option when using Fortgag services
  2. Open using your phone
  3. Click on any skin which you like (such as John Wick, Daredevil, Venom, Kratos, etc.)
  4. Enter your Fortnite username along with the platform you use (e.g. Windows, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.)
  5. When you’re ready click on ‘Claim Now’
  6. The website needs a verification for your account, so it requires doing some ‘offers’
  7. If you’re OK with doing online offers you could go through to see whether it works for you or not

Fortgag alternatives

When you search the web, there are hundreds and even thousands of websites claiming to offer you free Fortnite skins.

But the fact is that when you open many of them and research a little, you find out that there is no truth to their claim. But there is no need to worry more since we’ve done the homework for you and tried to find working a working alternative for Fortgag.

Freeskins is suitable for players who want to get new skins in Fortnite without spending any money. In fact, this website is a platform which provides users with free tasks to complete. In exchange, users could earn money which could be withdrawn (through Bitcoin, PayPal, etc.) or spent to get free skins for your favorite game.


Through our research we’ve found that almost any website which claims to give users free Fortnite skins is either scam or involve doing some kind of free offer or task. Fortgag is one of those websites which gives you free skins if you could complete their offers.