SWAGTRON T6/T5/T3/T1 Comparison & Reviews

SWAGTRON T6/T5/T3/T1 Comparison & Reviews

When it comes to self-balancing scooters and hoverboards, one of the first brands coming to mind is SWAGTRON. Recently, the company released one its most powerful hoverboards which provides unique features even compared to its competitors. Here we review and compare different hoverboard models made by SWAGTRON.


SWAGTRON hoverboards are among the safest self-balancing scooters on the market. That might not seem so important but with so much bad news everywhere about hoverboard-related accidents and sometimes explosions, safety might become a more important factor when shopping for the right scooter.

SWAGTRON scooters are UL 2272 certified, and in the terms of electrical safety tests, they passed all of them successfully. 

Other safety measures incorporated into these scooters include BMS (battery management system), Stop Safe Technology, hard shell design and flame-resistant frame.

Some of the items the BMS system protects against include: overcurrent, overcharging, overheating and short circuiting/overvoltage.

SWAGTRON T-series features

Please note that some of the features might not be found in some models. For detailed specification for each SWAGTRON T-series model please see the comparison table later in the review.

  • App control (SWAGTRON app) – once downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, SWAGTRON app could be used to change hoverboard settings such as sensitivity and speed or activate the hoverboard. Also, the total mileage, battery power level, speed and other parameters could be monitored through the app’s interface. All that is possible after app installation on the smartphone or tablet and pressing the button: ‘Connect.’ (available on SWAGTRON T6 and T3 models) 
  • Bluetooth speakers – another cool feature which allows the riders to play their favorite songs directly from their mobile phones or tablets. So, once the connection is established after turning on the self-balancing scooter, the music player of the smartphone could be used to open favorite music in order to listen to them through the Bluetooth speakers. Also, volume adjusting is possible as well through the phone. (available on SWAGTRON T3 & T6 models)
  • Built in carry strap – one of the most needed items for carrying portable scooters and hoverboards around in a carrying handle or strap which is lacked in most models available on the market. This item is especially useful for when running out of battery or not-rideable situations for any reason. (available on SWAGTRON T3 & T6 models)
  • LED lighting – this feature is very important for having a safe ride, especially in situations and times with low environment light – such as late evenings and early mornings. These LED headlights could light the path in both directions up to a 6.5 feet distance. This way, riders no longer need to wear special LED shoes or take use of other extra equipment or items in order to make their rides safer. (lacking in the T5 model)
  • Weight capacity – in order to use any hoverboard properly it is important to know the maximum load capacity of the scooter. SWAGTRON T-series cover a wide range of weight capacities from around 180 pounds up to 420 pounds (in T6 model). And that’s not just for overweight people. Some users need to carry back-packs with them which add to the total load weight on the machine. So decide carefully considering what the estimated overall weight is when riding on the hoverboard.
  • Speed & range – when shopping for self-balancing scooters and hoverboards, most people consider these factors – speed and range – one of the most important ones which affect their decision the most. Considering other factors, this could be true to some extent. For SWAGTRON hoverboard models all of them have a top speed of around 8mph. There is only one exception and that is the latest model which is SWAGTRON T6 with the top speed of 12mph. Maximum ranges for these models differ from 7 miles to 12 miles.

It is worth noting that all models are offered with a 1-year limited warranty by the manufacturer.

T6 vs T5 vs T3 vs T1

For some people it might be a little confusing when comparing between different models of SWAGTRON hoverboards. That’s because there is no apparent logic (at least one we could understand) in matching some features with some model numbers. So it’s best to look for any required feature in the specific model case by case.

With all said, SWAGTRON T5 is the cheapest model (around $250) among all T-series with the least features and lowest numbers.

That doesn’t mean T5 is a bad scooter, but just it should be noted that not all features and maximum capacities could be found on this model: https://www.amazon.com/SWAGTRON-Hoverboard-Optional-Learning-Protection/dp/B01M3SMWH6

For that matter, SWAGTRON T6 is recommended which is one of the top models not only among its same brand similar products but from those of other brands as well. Some of the features are really unique for the time being; for instance, the maximum weight capacity of 420 pounds, which is provided by no other self-balancing scooter in the market.

SWAGTRON hoverboards comparison table

Also, people who intend to use the hoverboard in outdoor and not-so-normal situations should think of T6 as well. That’s because of its off-road capabilities which make it a perfect choice to travel through rain, grass, mud and even gravel since it has 10” tubeless rugged tires perfect for all terrain rides.

In addition, up to 30° inclines and bumps could be rolled over using this excellent self-balancing scoter. 

All that and more is offered by T6 which could be accessed through https://www.amazon.com/SWAGTRON-T6-Off-Road-Hoverboard-Certified/dp/B073QRPX14

And currently, it costs the same to buy a SWAGTRON hoverboard from the manufacturer official website or via Amazon.

To learn more about other two models which are SWAGTRON T1 (https://www.amazon.com/SWAGTRON-T1-Hoverboard-Self-Balancing-transporter/dp/B01NACO9NE) and SWAGTRON T3 (https://swagtron.com/product/self-balancing-scooter-hoverboard-swagtron) (not currently listed on Amazon), please visit through the provided links.