mSpy Review

mSpy Review

mSpy is another great app in the security and monitoring software category. This app allows you to locate and track the targeted cell phone or tablet, monitor call activities, text messages, contact lists, etc. Read on this review to learn more about the features.

Many people use mSpy for their personal or business purposes. Using this app, children mobile phone usage and online activities could be tracked, and in case any dangerous situation is going to happen you could find out in advance and prevent it. You employees could also be monitored with this app – with their consent of course – in order to make you assured of their good work and productivity. This app could also play a great role in taking care of elderly family members.

mSpy Features

  • Call monitoring: this feature gives you full details about all call logs including: time and date of the call (made or received) and its duration, contact name (if it’s available in the phone’s address book). Please note that in order to take advantage of this feature it’s no longer necessary to jailbreak your iOS device.
  • Call blocking: sometimes you don’t want your kid to receive phone calls from certain numbers. In that case and other similar scenarios, you could use this option to prevent all unwanted calls from reaching your monitored phone.
  • mspy-sms-monitoringSMS tracking: use this feature to fully view text messages sent and received, and their full related data including date, time, and recipient/sender info. (Also available in case you iOS device is not jailbroken)
  • Instant messages spying: mSpy enables you to monitor popular communication apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, Skype, Snapchat and LINE (these two added recently). You’ll be provided with all chats and conversations.
  • Emails tracking: check and view all ingoing and outgoing emails through the device. Access their contents and corresponding time and date info.
  • Internet activity monitoring: lets you access all browser history on the targeted tablet or phone. You could also view website bookmarks, filter certain content for online surfing or block altogether unsuitable websites. Even the Wi-Fi hotspot or access point which the targeted device is connected to could be identified by its name and connection type (e.g. WPA2/Public/…), and so it’s possible for you to make unsafe Wi-Fi connections unavailable for the cell phone/tablet.
  • mspy-gps-locatingGPS tracking and GEO-fencing: you could easily locate your employees or children with GPS tracking of the device, and see the current location on the map. There is also an option to view the route history for a certain time period. With GEO-fencing you could define boundaries which when the device enters you’ll be noticed through email. You could also view map and time history for each forbidden zone.
  • Remote control: mSpy app gives you some options found on very few applications on the market. One of them is the remote controlling feature which allows you to remotely activate some commands on the monitored phone/tablet. These commands include: wipeout (very useful in emergency situations such as when the device is stolen), lockout, view device’s battery status, etc.
  • Keylogger tool: In case the information you are looking for could not be found using other features and tools, this powerful tool allows you to monitor the targeted tablet or phone for whatever text being entered on the device.
  • Application management: track all apps available on the device including recently downloaded applications, social networking apps, games, etc. You’ll be also given full control over apps as well by blocking or allowing any apps you seem necessary.

In addition to above main features you’ll be provided with many other useful and powerful options and possibilities such as accessing and viewing multimedia files (photos, videos, audios, and so on), contacts, calendar activities, generating various reports based on activities, users, time period, and so on.


mSpy is compatible with almost all popular phones, tablets and other devices, powered by Android, iOS, etc. The app has also a computer monitoring version for desktop and laptop computers with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (Metro apps excluded) and Mac OS (10.7-10.9) systems.

Android powered devices must have android version 4 or higher. For IM monitoring you need to root the targeted device.

The app is also fully compatible with iOS powered gadgets such as iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad 4, etc. You just need to make sure that the handheld is running on iOS 6 – 8.1.2. Just notice that some features are only available for jailbroken devices. These include: GPS tracking and GEO-fencing, call & website blocking, Chat apps monitoring, etc.

You could always check with the manufacturing company to learn more about specifications and features.


If you want to install mSpy on non-jailbroken devices you need simply to have the device’s iCloud credentials. Although there is no need to have physical access to the device, but you also have limited features and control over the monitored cell phone/tablet. After completing the setup you could log into your account to access the control panel to access the monitored data.

Please note that in order to install the phone spy app on a jailbroken tablet/phone you need to have it physically installed on the device, after which, like above, you could access the captured data after logging into your control panel.

mSpy for PC

Although mobile phones and tablets are everywhere these days, still many users still use laptop or desktop PCs to do their online/offline activities. So many parents or employers may feel the need to monitor PC activities as well. mSpy have a monitoring software solution which allows to track computer using activities and applications. The features include user activity monitoring, taking screenshots, keylogger, applications usage tracking and so on.


Different levels of technical assistance and customer support are provided by mSpy which is as below:

  • Basic users: support by email
  • Premium users: live chat and email support
  • Premium support service: for a small one-time fee you could get access to phone support, plus detailed assistance for installation process.
  • mAssistance: in addition to all the previous advantages, you’ll be helped with rooting or jailbreaking your device, app installation through Team Viewer, and more.

Buying and using a phone spying and monitoring software such as mSpy, you might be relieved of many worries you have regarding your children or other loved ones. Especially when they’re not near you, you could somehow be sure of their safety through keeping tab on their cell phone activities and learn who they contact, where they go, which websites they browse online, etc.

And it’s great to know that these kinds of apps could help a lot in preventing and reducing online crimes such as identity theft, online bullying, and so on.