Everything to Know About iPhone SE

Everything to Know About iPhone SE

For many people a smartphone with a 4 inch screen size may be the best mixture of portability and usability of their phone. It’s a size which an average user feels comfortable carrying around while it could be used easily. The new iPhone SE focuses on this important aspect.

It’s important to note that this new iPhone SE isn’t the iPhone 7 which has been scheduled to release this year. iPhone SE is just a mini version of the previous Apple smartphone produced for those preferring smaller cell phones.


This new cell phone by Apple is ideal for those seeking the power and performance of iPhone 6S but were not satisfied with it mostly due to its comparatively big size. Well, now we have a good news for them. The new iPhone SE includes the technical specs of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in a gadget similar to the iPhone 5S in terms of physical dimensions.

So another good news for iPhone 5 or 5S owners is that the cases and accessories of those iPhone 5 phones are compatible with this ‘iPhone 6S Mini’.

So in a nutshell the iPhone SE features include: 4-inch display, 2GB RAM, A9 processor, 64GB or 16GB storage, main camera with 12MP quality, front camera with 1.2MP quality (lower than iPhone 6S’s), video recording with 4K resolution, Apple Pay and Touch ID. Unfortunately, there is no 3D Touch feature here.

iPhone SE vs. iPhone 6S

As said earlier both models are very similar in terms of specifications (except for the screen size of course). According to some review websites, the new SE model has about 150 percent more battery life compared to the 6S model.

On the other hand, the SE lacks the pressure-sensitive feature (3D Touch) which could come very handy in many games and apps.

And the other main difference between the two models is the lower quality selfie camera in iPhone SE compared to iPhone 6S which was mentioned before as well.

iPhone SE in comparisons with 6 and 6s models

iPhone SE in comparison with 6 and 6S models

Price and release date

iPhone SE is released in four colors: gold, rose gold, silver and space gray. The prices start at $399 for the 16GB version (no 128GB version has been announced yet).

As of March 31, users could buy the device from stores across the US and several other countries worldwide including the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Japan, China and Singapore.

China and Xiaomi M2 SE

According to the unofficial pre-orders numbers (more than 3 million as of today) in China, the new gadget by the Apple has been very popular there.

Due to this popularity and the constant strategy taken by OEMs, some news sources report that the big cell phone company in China, Xiaomi, is planning to produce a competitor product to iPhone SE. As the rumors go, we could see the Xiaomi M2 SE as soon as June 2016.

M2 SE is said to have a Snapdragon 820 CPU, fingerprint censor, 13 megapixel camera and 3GB RAM. The display size of this smartphone is 4.3 inch.