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How to Check VRAM in Windows 10

September 18, 2019

VRAM or Video RAM is one of the most common types of RAM (Random Access Memory) in your computer. It is usually used in the

How to Take a Screenshot on Google Pixel

September 13, 2019

If you are reading this, you must be looking forward to know how to take screenshots in your Google Pixel smartphone. Google Pixel is a

How to Fix “Malwarebytes Web Protection won’t Turn On”

September 6, 2019

Malwarebytes is one of the most popular antivirus tools on the market these days. This tool is available for all users for free. However, you

How to Turn On/Off Autocorrect on Samsung

September 4, 2019

Autocorrect can be one of the most important features in many Android smartphones and tablets these days. However, there are some cases when you may

How to Watch Live Sports without Cable

August 27, 2019

When you purchase a cable TV connection, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money on it. It is not worthy to invest

How to Convert FLAC to MP3 (Mac & Windows)

August 16, 2019

While FLAC files are only supported on a handful of multimedia players and audio devices, MP3 audio format could be played on most of them.

How to Fix “Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” Error

August 7, 2019

If you are reading this, you must be facing the “Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” error in your computer. This problem can happen

How to Fix Apple TV Remote Not Working

July 31, 2019

Apple TV is an excellent method available for you to get all your entertainment requirements catered at home. However, we often see how people who

How to Set Up Parental Controls on Chromebook

July 22, 2019

Owning a Chromebook is amazing, but there are times when you might have to share your device with your kids. And that’s why it makes

How to Make an Animated GIF Online

July 10, 2019

GIF files are great images that feature short video sequences in an image format. Since you might be limited to show various things with videos,