How to Fix the Error ‘The system cannot find the file specified’

How to Fix the Error ‘The system cannot find the file specified’

The error of ‘the system cannot find the file specified’ is one those problems which might occur within so many applications and software such as Visual Studio, Java IDEs or even Windows itself. Here we present the common fixes to solve this issue.

The error in Visual Studio

system-cannot-find-the-file-errorMany users encounter this issue in Visual Studio (C# or ASP.NET). For instance, when a programmer tries to connect to the SQL server from a web application and during the process faces this problem. It’s really hard to give a general solution to fix the error for all those situations but usually ‘the system cannot find the file specified’ error in ASP.NET is related to one of these items:

  • TCP/IP or other networking protocols might be disabled
  • Errors regarding connection string
  • Firewall settings between the database server and the web server

All in all, focusing more on errorlogs could give some clues on how to solve the issue here.

The error in Java

Sometimes this error occurs when programming in Java. The general issue relates to the fact that the file isn’t recognized or could not be found in the place where it should be. Somehow, it might seem obvious but here the problem has its root exactly there. So, depending on the Java IDE used (such as Eclipse or NetBeans) the user should be aware of the file path in which the file is saved.


So, in some cases if the project folder directory is used to save the file the issue would be solved easily.

The error code 0x80070002

In other cases which error comes with this code (0x80070002), there are several methods which experts recommend to use to fix it.

The first one is using Windows check disk utility to do the job. To do that, run the cmd.exe from Windows ‘Run’ to execute the ‘Command Prompt’. Next, enter the command ‘chkdsk /r’ in CMD. Then reboot the system after it’s finished.

Other method is using ‘System Restore’ to solve the error. In addition to that, using CCleaner or any other powerful registry cleaner program might help to better fix it.

In addition to the above cases which are very common, while working in CMD or with different programs in Windows (Win 7, 8 or even 10) this error might somehow rise.

Other than that this issue might happen in these situations as well:

  • Changing file name without the user knowing
  • Driver files missing
  • Operating system important files lacking
  • Corrupted registry key due to system files permission changes windows-registry-editor

The error related to drivers

Drivers are files which Windows use to identify and work with different parts of the computer. So if any of them is missing or got old or corrupted the system might face issues ranging from partial and mild to critical. Sometimes important parts of the computer such as graphic card or audio hardware stop to work due to issues related to their drivers.

So if the issue of ‘system cannot find the file specified’ is because of some missing driver or one which needs updating, then we recommend using a good driver update software. These programs help to find needed drivers for operating system.


Without them, it’s the user job to identify and find a driver which is required by the system. And that is very time consuming and difficult since there are a lot of hardware parts and items on the computer each with their own specification and driver. Even some might have drivers and work with no problem but since there is a new update available for them, not upgrading them might cause some issues in the future.

So these driver applications scan the system for common issues related to drivers – and even some feature PC optimization options which could result in better performance and speed in other parts of the computer as well. Fixing these issues is simply done by the program and the user don’t need to do more than a few clicks.

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