Salesforce Sales Cloud Review & Pricing

Salesforce Sales Cloud Review & Pricing

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the CRM software by Salesforce, which is one of the most popular and well-known customer relationship management software available in the market. Businesses and companies use it to grow faster and to boost productivity and sales.

Many experts believe that Salesforce is a more suitable choice for small businesses and companies experiencing growth, while for smaller startups and businesses it might be somehow complicated and unnecessary, especially with all of its options and functionalities. The pricing model may also be a problem for many low-budget users, which will be discussed later below.

Salesforce Sales Cloud has a very easy-to-use-and-navigate interface. After logging in into the account, there are different tabs on top of the software which simply leads users to where they want to go. The good news is that these are all customizable, and users could add or reorganize them as they like.

Many top software review sites such as TopTenReviews has picked Salesforce as their number one choice for CRM software.


  • Contact management – access and track detailed information about your customers such as phone numbers, addresses, client communications, activity history, involved deals and also social data – pulled in from social media websites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube – from your Salesforce account.
  • Marketing automation – manage marketing campaigns with options to create new campaigns or copy previous ones. Email marketing possibilities are also available with tools to mass emailing and the ability to create new email templates or use available ones. Online forms could also be built and published to capture leads from your website’s visitors.
  • Lead management – with lead managing options of Salesforce Sales Cloud which allows to track and analyze business leads from click to sale, it’s very easy to find out which marketing campaigns work and which don’t. This makes it easier to decide where to focus more in terms of time and money to get better results.
  • Partner management – one of the great aspects of using this powerful CRM system is its connectivity and sharing tools across other Salesforce users. This means that you could easily connect to other partners through software in real time while sharing necessary Sales Cloud data.
  • Sales forecasting – sales forecasting features of Sales Cloud allows you and other team members to create and edit forecasts containing different types of data.
  • Email integration – users could easily access and manage their emails through their Gmail or MS Outlook accounts using Salesforce. Other than that, the application integrates with many other programs as well including GoToMeeting, QuickBooks, Dropbox, MailChimp, RingCentral and Evernote. It also provides required tools and APIs to allow users create applications and programs to integrate with Salesforce.
  • Reports – creating and analyzing reports through Salesforce is very easy. It offers real-time graphs and ‘drag and drop’ tools with many possibilities and options. Customizing dashboards is also possible to help you view what you most need in less time.
  • salesforce-mobileMobile capabilities – no matter where you are and what device you use to access the internet, Salesforce CRM software could simply be accessed using the proper app. There are apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone and iPad devices. Manageable sections include Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Leads, Dashboards and Tasks.


Currently the program offers services in five plans:

  • Group. This package is priced at $25 per user for each month (up to 5 users) and has basic marketing and sales functionalities. Some of supported features include contact and account management, lead scoring, case management, mobile access, and reports.
  • Professional. Priced at $65 per user for each month (no user limit), this plan offers a complete CRM solution providing all features included in previous plan plus some extra such as mass email, collaborative forecasts, and customizable dashboards.
  • Enterprise. The price tag is at $125 per user for each month with more custom options and functionalities suitable for more advanced users.
  • Unlimited. The most customizations could be achieved in this plan which costs $250 per user for each month. Extra features include toll-free support available 24/7 and complete online training.
  • Performance Edition. This is the last plan which includes all other features plus exclusive ones including integrated knowledge base and auto data cleansing, costing $300 per user for each month.

Please note that free trial option is available to try plans before purchase.

Support and help

Salesforce powerful support begins even before you purchase the software. Sales team members are ready to answer all your questions about the CRM system through live chat or toll-free numbers. They also guide users to other resources relative to help, training, forums and video tutorials and overviews of the software.

Salesforce company is also very active in social media networks including Google+, Facebook and Twitter.