How to Use & Read Logs in ‘Among Us’

How to Use & Read Logs in ‘Among Us’

These days, many gamers on their PC or mobile devices play the popular game ‘Among US.’ But one of the most asked questions about this game is how to access the doorlogs in the game. Read on to discover methods to do the trick.

What is ‘Among Us?’

‘Among Us’ is a game in the social deception genre available on Android and iOS for free. You could also buy ‘Among Us’ to play it on PC. Groups of 4 to 10 gamers could play the game. Also, the online option is available as well to play with strangers, or with friends.

The idea of the ‘Among Us’ game is very simple: players take on the role of either an imposter or a crewmate.

On a spaceship, the crewmates have to complete a number of duties so that it’ll be ready to departure. Some activities, like ‘Clean O2 Filter,’ may be completed quickly, while others, like ‘Fix Weather Node,’ need numerous stages.

One imposter is in the game, however, who is trying to kill all the other members and wreck the ship.

As the game goes on, the impostor starts to challenge and murder the crew members.

Also, the game is halted in situations which a meeting is called urgently to discuss about the Imposter or when someone finds a body.

What are sensors in Among Us and what do they do?

Players encounter 3 types of sensors in the game:

Sensor in the South-East

The last sensor has been assigned the color orange and is located in the southeast region of the map. Every time a person goes by this sensor, their logs in the door logs will be color-coded as orange.

Sensor for the Southwest

Mira HQ’s southwest sensor is color-coded green. When a user passes by this sensor, the logs will become green next to the user in question.

Sensor for the North

This sensor is located in the northern half of the Mira HQ map and lights blue in door logs. When viewing door logs, any person whose log has the color blue will have utilized the North sensor on the map.

When a player walks over the sensors, the sensor gets engaged. This can also happen if the user stands totally motionless on the sensor, indicating that it isn’t motion-activated.

When a sensor is triggered, there is a 5-second cooling period before recording the user again. Because the cooldown only applies to one user, the Doorlog can identify many users as long as there is the cooldown of the person.

Only the most recent 20 occurrences could be stored by the logs. When the log is full, it will delete the oldest event to create space for more entries. Comms Sabotaged will also delete all entries, and the entries will no longer be displayed until the Sabotage is rectified.

What are doorlogs?

The Door log feature on the map functions through the three sensors for doors as mentioned earlier.

This is especially useful if you have discovered a corpse in one of the regions surrounding the three sensors.

Doorlog can only be found on the MIRA HQ map. Every time someone in the game passes by one of three sensors on the map, their location is recorded. When a player enters the Communications room, they may view the records and determine who went where.

The three sensors are scattered over the map. There are three of these, one on each end of the middle walkway (North, Southwest, and Southeast). When triggered, they flash blue, green, and orange, in that order.

Using communication rooms to read doorlogs

Follow these steps to access the logs in Among Us:

  1. Go to the Communications room.
  2. Once in the room, at the top and right part of the room you could see a monitor. Go near it.
  3. On the screen, in the bottom, there is a ‘Doorlog’ option. Select it.
  4. Browse the log entries on the screen.

Please note that these are real-time logs. These could be useful for, say, when sensors track someone passing. Also, it could especially be helpful when you try to identify the Imposters in the game.

But be careful because if you spend a great amount of time viewing the screen and checking out the logs it could cause you to be unaware of your surroundings and so an Imposter might sneak up on you.

What is the number of doorlogs for each sensor?

The sensors have a capacity of 20 entries. They might be from the same individual handing the same sensor back and forth after a cooldown. When the number of log entries reaches 20, the most recent entry will be erased.

If an Impostor uses Comms Sabotaged, all logs will be destroyed, regardless of their quantity. The list will be refreshed as a result of this. The sensors will resume logging players.

Do Imposters access the doorlogs?

They certainly can. Imposters are perfectly capable of accessing the logs and then exploiting the data to frame others. If you discover that the logs have documented your acts as an Impostor, you can start Comms Sabotaged.

This will delete all logs and compel everyone to restart tracking with new data.

More tips while using doorlogs

The community has devised some of the strongest methods since all players can view the logs in Communications. These are either advantageous to the Crewmates and Ghosts or to the Impostor.

You can utilize the logs to figure out who the Impostor is if you’re a Crewmate or Ghost. Impostors, for example, frequently vent. If they were not logged anywhere on the monitor, you can be certain about them being the impostor.

The log entries are ideal for conducting background checks on suspect gamers. You should be wary if a player passes another player and then dies in the following encounter. The second player listed might be a forger.

Extra tips:

1) Misreading entries?

Expect to blame the incorrect person no matter how much time you spend researching the doorlogs and how they function.

It will happen in situations like blaming a crewmate wrongly or defending an Imposter.

The best way to deal with it is to keep trying. Nobody is flawless, and the more you understand about how doorlogs function, the more you’ll be able to use that information when it’s your turn to be the imposter.

2) Ignoring tasks?

It can be tempting, as with any sophisticated feature, to sit on the doorlogs and attempt to figure them out. While this may be beneficial in the long run, it is a bad idea in the short term. As a crewmate, it is critical that you accomplish your chores in order to have a chance of winning even if you are unable to detect the impostors.

Check the logs as you go, but then go back to your vital scientific research. If you accomplish your chores, then maybe you could find some time to return to the doorlogs and read them.

3) Loss of Comms?

The communications are one of the most overlooked sabotages on two of the three maps, as its main impact is to disable the ability to access the job list. However, disrupting the communications gets an additional ability on Mira HQ. When the communications on Mira HQ are destroyed, all entries in the doorlog are removed as of version 2020.10.22.

The impostors can use this to erase evidence of vent activity or records that might contradict their alibi. As a result, it’s critical to verify the logs on a frequent basis. Otherwise any useful evidence they include might be lost.