How to Move Taskbar in Windows 10

How to Move Taskbar in Windows 10

Windows taskbar is an important menu that you can find on your Windows 10 screen. This menu allows you to get access to all apps and other settings of your Windows easily.

You can also find some notifications that will appear on top of this taskbar along with other icons. It is the right place for you who want to find Start Menu and also Windows Search Box from your Windows 10.

You can customize your Windows taskbar by changing some settings and properties from this menu. It can give you flexibility, so you can feel comfortable when using your Windows 10 system.

By default, you will see the Windows taskbar that is located at the bottom part of your Windows screen. This taskbar is usually positioned horizontally, to provide a comfortable position for all users. You can get access to any of your favorite applications easily.

However, you can also move around this taskbar to any positions on your Windows screen easily. This Windows taskbar can be moved to the left, top, and right side of your screen. It depends on your needs and preferences.

There are two main methods that you can use for moving around this taskbar easily.

1) Use your mouse

It is one of the simplest methods for moving your taskbar around your Windows screen. You can simply drag and drop the taskbar to your favorite position.

Press the left button on your mouse and hold on the taskbar for moving this menu to the right position. Drag it to your favorite side, such as left, right, or top side of your Windows screen. Then, release your mouse button once it arrives at your favorite position.

It is very simple for you to follow this simple tip, especially if you want to move your taskbar around your screen quickly.

2) Use setting

Right-click on the blank area located on the taskbar. Then, you should press the Taskbar Settings button that is available on the menu.

You are going to see a tab of Taskbar and Start Menu Properties. This dialog box is going to give you the ability to make some changes in your taskbar position. Look at the taskbar location on-screen option. This option is available in the middle part of this dialog box.

There are four main options that are offered by Windows 10, including Bottom, Left, Top, and Right. You only have the ability to choose any one of those options.

Once you are happy with the position of your taskbar, you need to lock this position. There is a lock feature that is offered by Windows 10 system.

This lock feature allows you to prevent any accidental move from this taskbar menu. You only need to make changes in certain settings in the properties menu. You can simply follow all of these tips below, so you can lock the position of this taskbar easily.

There is no complicated procedure on how you can find this lock system for your taskbar menu.

How to lock the taskbar

It is possible for you to lock the taskbar on your favorite place on your Windows screen. You can right-click any black space that is located on the taskbar. From the dialog box, you can choose the Taskbar Settings. This option is available for Windows 10 version.

Once you get access to the properties menu, you will find the “Lock the Taskbar” option. You should turn on this feature, in order to lock the position of your taskbar. You can check the box that is located at the side of this “Lock the Taskbar” menu.

It is very easy for you to move around the taskbar menu on your Windows 10 screen. However, you should never forget about locking this taskbar menu.

This lock feature is very useful to help you prevent accidental move effectively. You need to do the same thing again whenever you want to move around the taskbar in the future. It is very necessary for you to unlock the taskbar before you can get move the position of this menu on the screen.

Don’t forget to update your Windows to the latest version, so you can get updated to any new features for your Windows 10 system.