How to Make Pumpkin/Melon Farms in Minecraft

How to Make Pumpkin/Melon Farms in Minecraft

There are various items which could be farmed and grown in Minecraft including melons and pumpkins. Here we present some methods for making manual, semi-automatic or automatic pumpkins/melons farms in Minecraft.

One of the interesting facts about Minecraft is that you could use same techniques to farm pumpkins and melons in the game. That’s because the same mechanics are involved for the growth of both of them.

And, another amazing fact is that melons or pumpkins need no water to be grown.

But, first you should find seeds before you’d be able to start farming. There are various ways which you could get pumpkin/melon seeds you need:

How to get seeds for farming

Usually, chests in Minecraft are a great resource for seeds. They could be found inside dungeons or mineshafts. In the latter case, you could find a chest which is in a minecart.

But there is no reason to worry if you couldn’t find a seed.

There is another way to farm melons or pumpkins, and that’s when you have the whole fruit itself which you have found from somewhere in the game – for example, through jungles or biomes which have grass.

Anyway, when you have a whole pumpkin and melon, you could get seeds using a crafting area or crafting grid.

Types of farms

There are 3 main types of melon or pumpkin farms which you could have in Minecraft: manual, semi-automatic and automatic farms.

Manual farms

In manual farms, everything such as harvesting, collection, etc. should be done manually. Although you could do some research before designing the layout of your farm so that you’ll have higher efficiency in terms of occupied space.

Below are some of the efficient designs which you could use for your pumpkin or melon farms in Minecraft. You could see the percentage of efficiency for each design below the layout.

Please note that efficiency can’t be higher than 50%.

Also, we could find other resources on the web, which contained creative designs for these farms:

The above melon or pumpkin farm designs were found on the Reddit.

Semi-automatic farms

In these farms the harvesting action could be automated using pistons. But in order to collect the fruits, the player should do some work. That’s why these aren’t yet fully automated.

For more detailed instructions, you could watch this video tutorial from YouTube:

Automatic farms

These farms are fully automatic, meaning that you don’t have to do any harvesting or collecting manually.

But you should realize the fact that building automatic pumpkin or melon farms are more expensive compared to the other two types of farms mentioned before. The reason is to make these automatic farms you need to have redstone and pistons.

And the melon or pumpkin collection is done through using hopper minecarts, hoppers or water streams.

You could watch this YouTube video tutorial which is helpful for making these automatic farms for both Minecraft Java & Bedrock editions: