How to Get a Loan for a Software Startup

How to Get a Loan for a Software Startup

Using the technology, startups are changing the economy definition through their creative solutions and solving the issues of ordinary users.

On the other hand, to do daily processes and operations, software is needed by these startups. That’s why they take advantage of software development services. As a result, to better serve their purposes, the capabilities and cost of software development are among the things which should be identified for these companies.

Responsibility for faster cost estimations

Software engineers should indicate the logic which software price is based on. Incorrect estimations could simply mean there might be serious issues for customers as well as the startup itself.

To put it simple, the effort along with the real time required by the project could determine the cost. There are several important factors in play. Indirect and direct costs are two of them. Basically, the direct costs related to software projects mainly each team member’s income, expenses paid for the basic equipment used, and various expenses for other things needed to get the job done. Indirect costs include quality control, audits, safety issues, and so on.

It means that they are not inherently designed for a specific project. But it should be noted that the cost of project software development could be affected by other factors too.


A new project for a startup usually means that the expenses should be as limited as possible in order to decrease costs. That’s why it’s crucially important to find a software company which doesn’t quote high prices for the project.

In case of so many required features or very tight budget, some priorities should be set by the startup in order to better manage the situation and get the project done. The other solution might be to somehow find the needed money to pay for the software project or try lending software development.

In any case, prior to a project launch, it’s very important that the budget be identified. Also, a plan is needed as well for a situation which more people or work hours would be required by the development company.

Currently, there are various software development services that do not require extra money if they do not fully complete the project according to the schedule. Therefore, working with these companies could guarantee that nothing out of the budget would happen for the startup.

Calculating the software development cost for startups

It’s a known fact that what you can’t measure, can’t be managed effectively by you. Anything that is measured is easy to do. If it’s important for you to tell how much it would cost you to develop software, there are some real methods which could be done to solve this problem.

Also, you could consider several key factors such as:

  • Costs are measured in currency (it’s often dollars).
  • Duration – according to calendar time.
  • Effort – measured in man-months.

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SaaS (or software as a service) is a business model for offering IT services through an external provider. In this mode, clients could access IT structure and software services through cloud computing, which cost them based on their usage.

Among the many advantages of SaaS there are cost benefits and efficiency which could be appealing for many businesses especially startups and small businesses.