How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Although iOS devices especially iPhone run smoothly and with no problem most of the time, but sometimes some issues may occur to some users. One of the main problems is an iPhone stuck on Apple logo which could happen for many reasons. Here we’ll discuss the reasons and how to fix the issue.

Why this happens?

There are a few common reasons why users got stuck on Apple logo on their iPhone device.

  • Jailbreaking – lots of users who try to jailbreak their iPhone smartphones have been reported to face the problem of Apple logo freezing on their devices. Jailbreaking iPhone is very dangerous especially for users with no sufficient knowledge. That’s why is much recommended to backup all files and data on iPhone before trying to start the jailbreak process. In addition, because jailbreaking needs third party programs (which are not verified by the Apple) to get control of the device, it might expose the iPhone to security issues as well.
  • Security problems – some security problems like running apps from untrustworthy sources or using iOS versions which are beta and expired could be the cause of the stuck logo screen problem.
  • iPhone-to-computer (and vice versa) data transfer – it is always a good idea to check all the required items from data transferring such as USB cable and USB port on the system before starting to transfer files and information between computer and iPhone. Faulty ports and cables could make the transferring process interrupted or corrupted and so the user could end up with an iPhone device frozen on the Apple logo.
  • iOS updates – sometimes because of different software or hardware issues, the installation of the iOS updates remain uncompleted on the device when users try to update the software. These issues will result in a corrupt operating system making the phone screen to show only the logo of Apple.

3 ways to fix the issue

These methods work for most iPhone devices (e.g. iPhone 6S Plus/6S/6/5C/5S/5/4S/4) with different iOS versions.

– Holding the power and home button

The first method to fix the iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue is very simple. All a user needs to do is holding the power and home buttons at the same time until the phone switches off. When the device is off, doing the same thing could be used to turn it on. Pressing the power button could be left when the logo screen is displayed on the iPhone. This is a working technique which many users have reported successful results from after trying it for the issue discussed here.

– Factory setting reset

If the previous method didn’t work on a device, this is another technique which could be successful but have some weaknesses. Resetting the iPhone to factory settings could be done in three simple steps described below:

1- Connecting the USB cable to the device (but not to the computer yet)

2- Holding the home button and simultaneously connecting the USB cable to the computer

3- After the automatic launch of the iTunes in step two, the iPhone could be put into recovery mode. This means that factory settings could be restored to the device.

– Using Dr. Fone software to repair the device

dr-fone-versionsWondershare Dr. Fone is a powerful software which is mostly used for when a user want to take back deleted files or data on their iOS powered devices (although the software support Android devices as well). In addition to recovery options Dr.Fone provides repair functions for iOS issues as well such as when a device is stuck in recovery mode or Apple logo screen.

The software is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows computers.

More details on Wondershare Dr.Fone could be found on its page on our website.