How to Fix ‘’ Error in Minecraft

How to Fix ‘’ Error in Minecraft

Minecraft https // error is very common when playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition especially in PS4. This issue is usually happening for users who’ve just started to use their Microsoft account to play Minecraft. As a result, error does not allow players to crossplay with their account.

What is https //

Minecraft players visit this website ( to smoothly play the game on Nintendo or PS4. This website allows you to join other Minecraft gamers using other devices you may have.

The change in device is the major reason for getting the message. So many players change to another device because they do not enjoy many features. You are likely to face this bug if you change your devices say from PS4 to XBOX.

The solution to the problem is very simple. What needs to be done here is entering the code via the screen on the console. This way, access is no longer coming with error.

It’s possible that you may have tried using the free DLC’s and the codes and it did not work as expected.

No need to fret, in this article, you will also learn about the access code as well.

What’s the reason of this error?

The two key reasons why happens are as the following:

  1. Corrupt game data: game files containing game data is a really important part of many games including Minecraft. It means that no matter which platform you use (e.g. Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4, or PC) you might face issues when you have game data which is corrupt. Your device could be a helpful resource for finding out about your game data problems. For instance, PC gamers of Minecraft could easily reinstall the game in order to get rid of the corrupt data and enjoy the game again. Also, this isn’t recommended as a long term solution. On the other hand, corrupted data could sometimes happen with save files which are very important for your game progress. That’s why doing regular backups is very crucial.
  2. Device change: gamers could take use of the crossplay features provided by Minecraft. In other words, for different platforms there is no need to use different accounts. Just one is enough. However, sometimes when users change their devices they might have problems while trying to log in. That’s why this remote connect bug happens when users report device change.

So, now that you know the main causes of this issue it’s time to find out how you could fix it.

Below are a few solutions for solve sign in error when playing Minecraft:

How to fix issue in Minecraft?

1. Enter the code for ‘sign in’ from Microsoft into Minecraft

The error code from Minecraft only displays for PS4 accounts. You have to try this several times to if your Microsoft is new. The error code for sign in from Microsoft will also be displayed.

Open the access page for Microsoft code and bookmark it with a PC or a mobile. Next, click on the error message and take note of the code. On another device, paste the code on the page for Microsoft.

After entering the code is completed, you will be granted Microsoft access so you can check out the Minecraft Store.

2. Remove the Corrupted and Saved Game Date for Minecraft

Open game storage through this path: Settings>>System Settings>>Storage. There you will find two files for Minecraft game data. Delete those files. Next, start all over.

3. Make a new account for Microsoft

In case this issue is occurring after you changed your game console recently then your Microsoft account could be the major cause. In other words, the account which you used on Xbox is having issues with the PlayStation console.

That’s why to fix error a fresh Microsoft account is needed. That’s very similar to when you created one for XBOX. Just remember that it’s necessary even if there is an old Microsoft account already available.

Just make use of the option for remote access in order to help you fix the issue easily.

To fix this problem, Texture packs of Minecraft could also be downloaded through the Minecraft store. The challenge here is whether you could actually be successful in opening the store. Hence this part of the solution is very important when trying to fix Minecraft Bedrock Edition error of in PS4.


These days many users report the error of when trying to access their login page. Here we mentioned some common causes and solutions to fix error. In this tutorial we tried to teach you methods to help you access your Microsoft account again in order to keep on experiencing the amazing and popular game of Minecraft.