Hungry Shark Evolution: Treasure Map and Item Locations Guide

Hungry Shark Evolution: Treasure Map and Item Locations Guide

Hungry Shark Evolution is an addicting game that takes you into the underwater world, where you become the top predator. Here we present treasure map and item locations for this game, among other useful tips and cheats.

Hungry Shark Evolution perfectly combines addictive gameplay with stunning graphics and a detailed underwater world. Its success is a testament to its ability to offer a fun and engaging experience that appeals to players of all ages.

What is Hungry Shark Evolution?

In this mobile game, you must lead a little shark through the huge and perilous ocean at the start of the game.

As you go, you’ll have the chance to evolve and discover more potent and dreadful shark species, each with their own special skills and traits.

The gameplay is simple but highly entertaining. You may travel the underwater environment in quest of prey by tilting your smartphone or using the on-screen touch controls to maneuver your shark. Your shark must consume prey constantly to survive, including small fish, unaware swimmers, and even larger marine animals.

Along with feeding your shark’s ravenous appetite, you’ll also need to watch out for dangers like mines, jellyfish, and other perilous marine life.

Hungry Shark Evolution treasure map

In Hungry Shark Evolution, the treasure map is a dynamic feature that encourages exploration and rewards players with precious loot like as cash, jewels, and special power-ups:

  • Treasure chests: Treasure chests can be found across the many undersea areas. These chests hold loot, however they are locked and must be unlocked by collecting map pieces.
  • Map pieces: The treasure map is divided into several pieces, each of which is represented by a fragment located in the game environment. Collecting these map pieces is required to open treasure chests.
  • Unlocking chests: To unlock a treasure chest, you must first collect all of the map pieces linked with that box. When all of the necessary pieces have been collected, the chest will open, exposing its contents.

To find map pieces you could take advantage of several ways:

  • Consuming Marine Life: Consuming various species in the game, ranging from fish to humans, may occasionally offer map pieces as a reward.
  • Missions: Completing missions and objectives can also result in map pieces as a reward. Keep an eye on your mission list to maximize your chances of discovering these fragments.
  • Exploration: Exploring different areas in the game is one of the most enjoyable features of it. So don’t forget to look for hidden alcoves, underwater tunnels, and shipwrecks, while playing the game as these are usually where map parts are concealed.
  • Events and Challenges: By taking part in special events and challenges, you can earn map pieces as a prize. These events frequently have one-of-a-kind prerequisites and gameplay elements.

Watch this video on treasure locations of the game:

Hungry Shark Evolution item locations

As you progress in the game, you’ll encounter various elusive and powerful entities, such as Stingray, Bosses, Electro, Kempy Bass, and the dreaded Death Mine.

Here, we’ll uncover the secrets and provide guidance on how to locate and engage with these unique elements within the game.

1) Stingray locations

Stingray is a special enemy in Hungry Shark Evolution that grants significant rewards when defeated.  It typically appears in the deeper regions of the ocean, such as the Arabian Sea or the Great Barrier Reef. Look for the darker, lower sections of these areas to encounter this elusive enemy.

Stingray can be challenging to defeat due to its speed and agility. Make sure you have a sufficiently upgraded shark, ideally a Mako Shark or higher, before attempting to take it on. Keep a sharp eye out for its distinct silhouette and strike when you see it.

Watch this video to find Stingrays:

2) Bosses locations

Hungry Shark Evolution features epic boss battles that provide substantial rewards and a unique gameplay experience.

Bosses are typically found in the later stages of the game, once you’ve unlocked the Megalodon or other high-level sharks. They appear randomly in various locations, such as the Volcano and the deeper parts of the map.

Hungry Shark Bosses are formidable opponents, so it’s crucial to have a fully upgraded shark with powerful abilities. Additionally, pay attention to your surroundings, as some bosses may use environmental hazards to their advantage.

3) Electro Shark locations

The Electro Shark is a unique shark species with the ability to electrocute its prey, providing an electrifying twist to the gameplay.

To unlock the Electro Shark, collect all ten pieces of the Electro Shark’s equipment hidden throughout the game world. These pieces are scattered in different locations, so exploration is key.

Each piece of the Electro Shark’s equipment is found in specific locations. Check underwater caves, hidden alcoves, and treasure chests across different maps. Completing missions can also help you locate some of the equipment pieces.

Watch this video for help on Electro Sharks:

4) Kempy Bass locations

The Kempy Bass is a legendary, oversized fish with unique characteristics. It has a dedicated location known as Kempy’s Lair, which can be found within the Pacific Islands area. It’s a large underwater cavern adorned with Kempy Bass statues.

When you enter Kempy’s Lair, you’ll notice that Kempy Bass is elusive and challenging to catch. The key is to remain persistent and patient. Keep exploring the area, and eventually, you’ll encounter and defeat this legendary fish.

Huge Kempy Bass video:

5) Death Mine locations

The Death Mine is a perilous underwater location filled with explosives and valuable rewards.

It can be found randomly in various parts of the ocean. Keep an eye out for entrances that look like underwater caves or tunnels with glowing, red markers.

Exploring the Death Mine can be hazardous, as it’s filled with explosive mines. So remember to navigate carefully.

6) Sunken items locations

Sunken items in Hungry Shark Evolution can be found across the game environment and contain important rewards like as gold, jewels, and power-ups.

Sunken items can be discovered in a variety of locations throughout the game map. Look for caverns, shipwrecks, or underwater tunnels, as these are common hiding places for these treasures.

To access sunken items, you’ll need a shark with enough size and strength to break through obstacles that guard them. As you explore, make sure to frequently check the ocean floor for hidden goodies.

7) Black Giant Crab locations

The Black Giant Crab is a fearsome crustacean boss that guards its territory zealously.

It is located in the Crab Lair, which can be found in various locations across the game world. Look for a distinctive underwater cave with claw-shaped entrances.

The Black Giant Crab is a formidable opponent. To defeat it, you’ll need a high-level shark with upgraded abilities. Be cautious, as it can launch powerful attacks. Attack the crab when it’s vulnerable, and don’t forget to gobble up the valuable loot it drops.

Watch this video for how to defeat giant crab:

8) Jet Ski locations

The Jet Ski is a unique vehicle that adds an extra layer of fun to the game. It often be found near beaches or floating on the surface of the water in various locations.

Approach the Jet Ski and simply swim into it to mount it. The Jet Ski allows your shark to move quickly across the water’s surface and leap into the air, making it easier to access hard-to-reach places and complete certain missions.

9) Gem Fish locations

The Gem Fish is a rare and valuable prey that grants you a generous amount of gems. They often swim in open waters, so keep an eye out for their shimmering, gem-like appearance.

Approach the Gem Fish carefully, as they tend to be swift and may try to evade your shark.

Once you catch one, you’ll be rewarded with precious gems that can be used for various in-game purposes.

10) Angler Fish locations

The Angler Fish is a unique creature lurking in the depths of the ocean, particularly in locations like the Abyss and the Arctic Ocean.

The Angler Fish has a distinctive, glowing lure that it uses to attract prey. Approach it cautiously, as it can emit a blinding light to disorient predators.

Defeating the Angler Fish grants substantial rewards and adds to the game’s sense of discovery.

The final words

Whether you want something entertaining for your commute or simply looking for a mobile game Hungry Shark Evolution is an excellent choice. Dive into the ocean depths. Embark on an adventure as you evolve from a small shark into a formidable apex predator. Hungry Shark Evolution showcases the lasting appeal of gaming and the creativity of developers, in delivering captivating experiences right at our fingertips. So why wait longer? It’s time to give it a try.