Review: Climb Mount Everest (Virtually) Review: Climb Mount Everest (Virtually)

Want to show your family and friends that you’ve climbed Mount Everest (which you haven’t) and surprise them? Here we present a – fun – method to do so.

What is

Climbing Mount Everest might be the dream of many people around the world. But, most of them might never be able to fulfil their dreams due to many reasons such as lacking the time, money for expenses, courage, etc.

Whatever the reason, if you want to reach the summit point of Everest but can’t for any reasons – like the ones discussed before – then we have a good news for you since there is a website which could make it possible for you.

Well, maybe it doesn’t make the journey to the mountain possible for you but you could somehow feel you’ve done it.

Let us explain more.

You know, there is a website called Thetopofmounteverest .com which could help you prove you’ve climbed the mountain while you haven’t.

Funny, right?

As a matter of fact, it is a fun service: with just a few clicks you could have some photos of you in top of the summit. Sounds cool?

How does it work?

After entering the website, you’ll face the frontpage which asks you if you want to climb the Mount Everest.

Your answer is obviously yes. (If not, what are you really doing there??!)

After clicking on ‘Yes’ on the screen,’ you’ll go to another page which allows you to choose among 4 different templates for your Everest photo shooting.

The templates includes two-person (in case you’ve climbed with your partner!) and one-person photos.

As simple as it sounds, you’ll be able to select any of those templates and go to the next step.

Now, you’ll be asked to upload your photo so that it could be merged in the photo template. Just remember to upload a close-up photo so that it could better match the template.

Now, your Mount Everest photo is ready and you could download it for yourself, or share it to surprise your friends and family.

The history of

It all began around two years ago, on the “Last Week Tonight” show. In this show, John Oliver introduced a joke website which allowed people to use Everest climbers’ photos and replace their heads with their owns’.

The joke is still on, and anybody could use the website to have a fake photo top of the highest mountain in the world. No danger, difficulty.